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How do i wear my new lace wig


1. Prepare your hair by creating a flat surface for the unit to sit on.

2. You can braid your hair down, and/or apply a wig cap.

3. Fit the unit on your head and evaluate how and where you would like the hairline. The goal is to find where the hairline will look most natural.

4. Gradually start trimming the excess lace as you are now creating your hairline. Only cut small amounts off at a time to achieve the desired fit.

5. After you have finished trimming the lace, clean all around your hair line with soap and water and then clean up with surgical spirit. Wait for this to dry and then apply your scalp protector. This protects the scalp from the adhesive and also provides a better surface for the adhesive to adhere to the unit. Once again, wait for the scalp protector to dry then apply adhesive to the circumference of your head. Let the adhesive dry until tacky to the touch. Place the front of your unit onto your head first. In this way, it will be easier for you to accurately judge the centre of the unit and most importantly, the final fit. Press firmly down all the way around and when finished, let your unit rest, preferably for 24 hours. During this time, you should not get your new unit wet.

6. When you have finished fitting your unit, it will look totally natural, as if the hair were actually growing from your head.

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