Tips to Use Hot Rollers on a Lace Wigs

Before using the hot rollers to curl your lace wigs, you’d better comb it to prevent breakage. Hair tangles may lead to tearing down the wig.

Don’t comb human hair lace wig immediately after washing, when it dry completely, then you can comb it this time.

Use the way you comb your real hair to comb lace wig, star from the bottom to the top, this is a good method to prevent the fibers from breaking.

For straight full lace wig, use a wig brush or a wide metal hair comb. For curly wig, use your fingertips enhances the curls and keeps the wig from hair fall and permanent damage.

Carefully wear the wig on a wig rack, if you don’t have one, just lay it down on a clean flat place. Always make sure your wig dry when using the hot rollers to avoid electrocution accidents.

Prepare your hot rollers. Plug in the hot rollers and wait until it heats up.

Using your hands, apply hairstyling cream and then spray the hair strands using a proper hair spray.

After drying the lace wig, comb the wig again, following the same principle mentioned above.  To know that you are on the right way with your styling, the hair fibers should feel sticky to some extent. Get the heated electric curlers and start rolling them onto the wig.

Use a lot of face cream on the fiber roots to separate hair strand evenly.

Make sure that you roll in at the same route. Start out with the hair in the front. Take the roller onto the part where it is at the center of the hair and the head. Start at the hair endings then roll under the hair up to the roots.

For the back area, begin with curling the back of each hair section; pull the rollers in a straight manner up to its roots. Follow the same instruction for curling the side areas.

Plug out the hot rollers and allow then to cool down. Brush up the hair strands with a specially designed wig comb and spray it with a hairspray for the finale.

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