8 Goddess Braids Hairstyles

8 Goddess Braids Hairstyles
Goddess-like braids are aimed at women with both medium length and long hair. The hairstyle is extremely appealing and bold, and it is recommended if you want to make an impression. Such astounding box braids will refresh your sense of style, and it will make your personality and character stand out from the crowd. Here are 8 amazing goddess braids hairstyle you should try out.goddess-braids-hairstyle_01

1.Deep Brown Jumbo Braids
These jumbo braids are long, thick and shiny. They are done on large square parted sections of hair so that the hair can withstand the weight of the braids. They’re thick at the base and thin at the ends to make them resemble carrots.Truly fashionable to say the least!goddess-braids-hairstyle_02

2.Layered Box Braid Bob
This hair style has been expertly made into a neck length layered bob. The box braids are individually planted unlike crocheted ones. A small portion of the hair is left to hang loose on one side of the face with the bulk swept to the other side. It gives an impression of innocence and it will make you look a couple of years younger.goddess-braids-hairstyle_03

3.Long Pencil/Carrot-Like Box Braids
This hair style looks quite trendy. The length and thickness enhances the stylishness of the hair style. The locks is loosely tied right on the crown then left to fall freely right round the head in a chic style. As for the braids, these are box braids suitable for both work or play.goddess-braids-hairstyle_04

4.Jumbo Black Corn Rows
Known by different names, this traditional African way of grooming hair is created in simple straight lines resembling rows of corn in a field. The rows are easy to maintain and can be long-lasting if well cared for. This style is possible on any type of hair .goddess-braids-hairstyle_05

5.Cork Screw Twists
This is one of the funkiest hair styles around and made to resemble a cork screw, hence the name. These bouncy thick layered screws are exquisite and the beads inserted add on to the interesting look. They can be made to look spikier to stress their beauty.goddess-braids-hairstyle_06

6.Medium-Length Havana Twist
The loose hanging Havana twists are easy to learn and DIY and are done with marley hair. The Havana twist hides the section where the natural hair meets the extension and this gives it them the impression of being natural. Although these are medium sized, Havana twists are normally very thick.goddess-braids-hairstyle_07

7.Careless Twist Bun
This careless bun style gives a twist to your twists. Twists keep for long and promote growth of hair but preserving the same style everyday can be a bore; which means the bun can be a welcome change. It can be near the forehead or a bit further back but still look classy.goddess-braids-hairstyle_08

8.Kinky Marley Twist
This long and black kinky twist is done beautifully. It is done using styled braids which are pre-separated for speed. The kinky twist shows clearly where the natural hair is attached to the extension because of the twisting style. This twist is normally thinner than the Havana twist but no less chic.双色发72890