7 Sew-In Hairstyles for Black Women

7 Sew-In Hairstyles for Black Women
Most black women opt to use sew-ins mostly because it enables their natural hair to grow out while others go for different sew-in styles as a protective style especially during harsh weather conditions. Black women are lucky when it comes to trying out different hairstyles since their tough healthy hair aligns perfectly when it comes to sew-in styles. Sew-ins are actually a form of weave for the hair that you can actually sew into your hair rather than glue onto your scalp. The sew-ins hairstyles are sewed in onto cornrows braids against the scalp or weave cap. They are impeccable and many black women prefer them to wigs since only a few people can tell them apart from natural hair. The latest and hottest sew-in hairstyle is the vixen sew-in followed closely by another popular one known as the versatile sew-in. Whether you prefer your hair Curly, straight, thick or thin there sure is a perfect sew-in hairstyle out there for you. Here are 7 amazing sew-in hairstyles to inspire you.

Sleek Bob cuts.7
This hairstyle is just perfect for a formal or official look. It gives you a sleek sophisticated look and radiates confidence and helps you rock your power suit to full effect.

Chinese Bangs Sew In.9
Get beautiful straight bangs that frame your face uniformly without covering your face. This style gives you a youthful look making you look younger. The cornrows are normally full head and the weave is sewed in fully to give that full and accurate look.

Gray and Blue Hair Sew-in..111
Since we have already established how gray hair is cool, how about you mix up gray and hues of blue to make it even better. This is really cool and urban and when it is perfectly trimmed to complement your face it will make you stand out in a crowd.

Loose Wave15
This hairstyle is romantic and wistful. It plays largely on your femininity and gives you a very soft look.

Kinky Curls Sew-ins161
Get your head full of kinky curls with this style. If you love big hair this is the style for you as you can get large volumes sewed in.

Long Curly Hair with Bangs.31
This style is the alternative for the Chinese bangs. If the straight Chinese bangs hair is too severe for you this style is just perfect for you. It adds a softer look to your facial features.

Creamy Chocolate Hair Sew-in.43
This creamy chocolate colored hairdo is as seductive as it gets. Make sure that it does not go past your shoulders and for an added effect get a side fringe, gloss your lips and rock the hell out of this style.72890