5 Coolest, Hassle-Free Hairstyles for Moms .

5 Coolest, Hassle-Free Hairstyles for Moms .

  • Hassle-free hairstyles become especially important once you become a full time mom who, of course, needs to look great despite the lack of sleep and the growing list of things to do.Now, I know you love your baby to death and that you’d gladly give it all up if need be just to make sure your angel receives the best of care but the good news is that you don’t really have to, as being a caring mother and a beautiful woman aren’t mutually exclusive!
  • All you need is a few ideas on easy-to-do, cool hairstyles for moms and maybe a few tips on how to update your cut so it becomes easier to style!You’ll find out exactly what to do with your hair by the time you’re finished reading all the interesting styles for new moms on this list:


  • Low or high, buns are a perfect hassle-free hairstyle for moms who are not particularly interested in having their precious tresses cut.In case your hair is shedding quite a bit and is not thick and voluminous as it used to be, simply use a sock bun trick to get a neat, voluminous-looking bun in a heartbeat!
  • Be Aware: As simple and easy to do as they are, even buns require a minimal dose of skills, so don’t give up in case you don’t get them right on the first try.Tease your roots or use a root booster to get more volume when opting for low bun or chignon styles or opt for non-sticky styling pomade or hairspray in case baby hair is making it hard for you to obtain a long lasting, sleek style.


  • Still looking for a trendy way to style your tresses?Why not take your pick amongst many of those amazing braided styles?Opt for a milkmaid braid in case you have a frisky child that loves pulling your hair, braid your bangs only in case you’re looking for a cool style that lasts more than a day, part your hair at center braiding or twisting only one small section at each side to get your own Game of Thrones inspired style or freshen up your bun by braiding your ponytail before coiling it into a bun!
  • Be Aware: Braided hairstyles and braided techniques differ significantly which might confuse you at first but also means you’ll have no problem finding a cool new option even if you’re extremely busy and unable to commit to any complicated styling techniques.


  • A wavy hairstyle is carefree and hassle-free on your part, but looks chic and stylish to those around you!To achieve this look if you have naturally straight hair, braid your hair at night when it’s slightly damp.In the morning, when you take out your braids you’ll look fabulous!
  • Be Aware: This look can come off as too carefree, and look like.Whenever you wear your hair wavy, make sure it isn’t too frizzy.


  • Well, we all know a post on easy styles just has to include the most hassle-free of all hassle-free hairstyles, his majesty – a ponytail! Opt for it whenever you’re completely out of ideas and worry not as this simple, well-loved style can be updated in many ways and turned into a classy bun in virtually no time! Be sure to check out a post on various creative ways to liven up your standard pony and have fun rocking this simple yet cool look!
  • Be Aware: Ponytail that hangs limp or is sloppily made is never a good way to style your hair!Tease the base of your pony to give it volume or braid/twist it in case it’s too long and heavy to bounce.


  • A classic look is the half-up style. This look is really easy to achieve, yet looks classy and fancy!The best part is all it takes is a few bobby pins to complete this look! It’s a fool-proof style you’re bound to love!
  • Be Aware: This hairstyle may slip out and then look sloppy!Make sure you use quality, new bobby pins (not stretched out ones) to secure your style completely.Ad728_92