Does Wig Glue Damage Your Hair?

No one enjoys having to hide in dark corners or slip silently away into the bathroom in order to privately adjust your wig. That’s where wig glues and adhesives come to your rescue! But do you have to compromise the health of your natural hair in order to enjoy the security and freedom that comes with using these products? The short answer is, no. While it is important to follow a few basic guidelines when you are using products that have the potential to be harmful, if you are patient and willing to spend a little extra time to give your hair the tender love and care it deserves, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the best of both worlds. Continue reading

Coping Physically and Emotionally With Hair Loss

Hair is something many take for granted. Like the sun will rise every morning, we assume we will be greeted with a full head of hair in the mirror. Nothing is guaranteed though. No one appreciates the value of hair like someone who has lost it. No matter the cause of hair loss, it can be devastating, and we understand that. Continue reading

Real Looking Lace Front Wigs

In years past, wearing a hair piece created stigma. Now, incorporating hair toppers, extensions, and wigs into your everyday look is a common practice by movie stars and the public alike. Often, when someone starts out on the journey to expand their hairstyle, they want something that’s easy to use and that won’t break the bank. Continue reading

How To Tighten A Wig With Straps

Do wigs tend to feel too tight or too loose on your head? Do you just not have enough time to use wig tape, glue, or other adhesive materials? Adjustable straps are a great solution! Most wigs come with adjusters that are designed to help you snugly fit your new wig to the unique shape of your head. And the whole process takes less than five minutes! Check out these simple tips for correctly (and comfortably) using the adjusters on your wig! Continue reading

How To Detangle A Wig!

It’s the end of a long day. You have taken off your wig and have placed it carefully on your wig stand to store for the night. Then, you see it: a tangle. Not just any tangle. This may be the world’s biggest tangle. You frantically grab your styling products and comb and get to work. Continue reading

How to do Hair Spa at Home in Just 5 Steps

Yes, a hair spa feels amazing, especially when we’re feeling stressed.The problem is most of us don’t have the time (or the resources) to camp out at a spa. We have to manage everyday stresses on our own.Or do we?The fact is: If you have half half hour to spare, you can create your own hair spa experience any day of the week. Read on to find out how. Continue reading

How to Select a Lace Wig Hairstyle that Flatters Your Face Shape?

Selecting the optimal wig style for your face shape can help you look and feel your best.  There are a few ways to determine your face shape: Continue reading

What is the Best Solution for Hair Extension?

The holidays are upon us! Are you ready for shopping? While you can choose a special dress for a Christmas party, picking a hairstyle that goes well with the dress may need a lot of thought. Styling your hair takes … Continue reading