What African-American Women Should Know Before Purchasing Virgin Hair Weave


Are you planning to buy virgin hair weave?

Important things you must to know before purchase.

Virgin Hair Weave are among the hottest commodities in the beauty industry today. They add volume to lifeless hair and give African-American women the option to try different ‘dos without necessarily exposing their natural tresses to the rigors of heat and chemicals. Some women wear them for fashion but with proper installation and care, the best virgin hair can help you grow your healthier natural hair.

XCsunnyHair considers Brazilian Virgin Hair as one of the best choice for African-American women. Brazilian virgin hair comes in different textures (Straight, Body Wave, Deep Wave, loose wave, etc.) but what makes Brazilian hair a great option is that it’s an “in-between” kind of hair: not too thin nor too thick and neither too straight nor too coarse. This quality allows it to blend seamlessly with virtually all black hair textures whether it’s relaxed, natural or you’re still transitioning. It’s also of low luster, unlike synthetic varieties with their unnatural shimmer.

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So if you’re shopping for a Brazilian Virgin Hair Weave and are still in the process of finding out what’s best for your hair, look for these Three Qualities.

● Styling versatility. Brazilian hair weaves usually come in three different styles: Straight, Body Wave, Deep Wave. Straight hair is usually the best seller because of its styling versatility. You can curl it one day for big volume and flat iron it the next for a sleek straight. It usually has a slight wave, making it appear bouncier and more natural.

● Holds color well. Since Brazilian hair is real human hair, you can dye, cut and heat style it just like your natural hair. Furthermore, because it has NOT been exposed to any sort of chemical processing, it is very easy to color and will remain soft and healthy-looking even when dyed, making it easier for you to try out new looks.

● Less tangling. The outer covering of a hair strand (cuticle) is scale-like. Damaged cuticles make your hair rough and more prone to breakage and tangling. Virgin Brazilian hair, however, undergoes methods that preserve their protective cuticles in such a way that they flow in a single direction, which in turn, reduces tangling and frizz. If properly maintained, it can last for up to a year.

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Depending on the professional hair manufacture plant in China, Vietnam and Cambodia, we sell various 100% unprocessed virgin hair weave with high quality but low price across the world. 

Since its foundation in 2010, XCsunnyHair have provided hundreds of customers with superior quality virgin hair and won worldwide acclaims.


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7A Brazilian Virgin Hair

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Why Human Hair Wigs are a Better Solution than Regular Hair Wigs?

vergin hair lace weave

It’s no secret that most people, especially women, see their hair as an important part of their identity. Suffering from hair loss problem can create emotional, as well as social issues for any person. Alopecia hair loss problem has a range of causes and intensities of severity that can often cause strong emotional stress. Whether your reason for hair loss is related to heredity or any medical problem, a human hair lace front wig is the solution you need.

Why human hair wigs?

Ever since hair wigs were introduced in the market, they’ve become a favorite accessory for women to get ready at the quickest. With a whole lot of choices available in the market, it can get really complex to pick a product that fits your needs perfectly. Since different people have different skin color, hair color, height, and personal style, they need to identify what suits their personality the best. Though you can find hair wigs in different textures, virgin human hair weaves are a good choice when you need them for daily use. Here are some reasons to convince the consumer in you to buy human hair wigs.

bralizilian hair wig

Natural look: Human hair wigs look incredibly natural and feel great too. Nobody can identify you’re wearing a wig with human hair extensions. Unlike synthetic hair extensions, Brazilian virgin hair extensions apparently will not appear too shiny. Whether you are up close and personal with someone or across the room, a 100% human hair wig gives an absolutely natural look.

Styling versatility: You can color and style most human hair wigs just like your own hair. However, if you wish to alter the style of your human hair lace front wig, you should take it to a stylist who is experienced in dealing with human hair wigs.

Texture: Since virgin human hair weaves come in a lot of hair textures, you can easily match your own hair texture very closely.

Longevity: When kept with proper care, human hair wigs can last more than even a year when worn daily.

Consider all the above-cited legitimate reasons to choose human hair wigs for any occasion. Whether you need to attend a formal or a personal event, choose Brazilian virgin hair extensions or any other human hair extensions to play safe and rock the event.

What is the Best Solution for Hair Extension?

General Meeting - Q4 Plans

The holidays are upon us! Are you ready for shopping?

While you can choose a special dress for a Christmas party, picking a hairstyle that goes well with the dress may need a lot of thought. Styling your hair takes up a lot of time and chances are you may not get desired results even after putting in a lot of efforts. Hiring a personal stylist is out of the question for most of us, and making a hairstyle on your own without a hint may mess up the entire look.

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Why Do Women Choose Virgin Brazilian Hair For Wigs?

Brazilian hair is widely used owing to its softness, density, thickness, and durability. Virgin Brazilian Hair is considered as the most pursued hair texture across the world. People have a notion that the beauty of a woman lies in her thick and long hair. Unfortunately, many women do not have naturally healthy hair. Thus, the availability of human lace front wigs and extensions cater to the demands of having long hair in a natural manner.

virgin Brazilian hair

Why hair extensions and wigs?

However, when it comes to using wigs and hair extensions, one must pay attention to the quality of such hair. Not all wigs are genuine and safe for the natural hair. It is suggested that Virgin Brazilian hair are the safest and skin-friendly extensions which women can use. Such hair is natural, and do not cause any damage to the cuticle. There are various textures to the Virgin Brazilian hair as they have a strong hold on the hair. On the other hand, there Brazilian Virgin hair wigs, pre plucked full lace wigs, lace front wigs, and human lace front wigs, etc. are also preferred by many women across the globe.

Here are some major reasons that explain why hair wigs and extensions are being preferred by every woman:

  • Predominantly hair extensions and wigs are available with strong hold, which allows a hassle-free attachment to the natural hair.
  • Brazilian Virgin hair wigs, pre plucked full lace wigs, lace front wigs, etc. can be obtained from online platforms under budget-friendly prices.
  • They are less damaging in comparison to other traditional methods of hair extensions.
  • Also, they are known for better durability and tangle-free appearance.
  • They are available in different colors – brown, black, dark brown, and copper brown, etc.

One can attain that stunning look by using a wide range of hair extensions and wigs at all occasions.

Why is Malaysian Virgin Hair Weave Considered Perfect?

A wide variety of human hair extensions is available to choose from. From Malaysian, Brazilian, Indian to African, you can select the best-suited option as per your hair texture and color. These types of human hair extensions are natural and easy-to-apply. Hair extensions adjust perfectly over the head and help you conceal your embarrassing hair problems. Also, they emerge as a cost-effective option for the users. When it comes to Malaysian virgin hair weave, it is undoubtedly, incredible, but one needs to maintain it in a proper way. However, there are certain facts that make Malaysian virgin hair weaves and extensions the best among others.

Malaysian Virgin Hair Weave

Following are the points that explain the reasons behind their immense popularity-


The modern wigs and hair extensions are comfortable to wear as compared to the traditional ones. Also, you may not feel sticky or sweaty as they let air to pass on. In addition, you can also buy Lace Front Wigs for Black Women online from the confines of the office or home.

Perfect For Working Women

Malaysian virgin hair weave extensions are considered best for people who do not have time to take proper care of their hair. For many people, this is an ideal solution that is hassle free and does not require any assistance.

Use Multiple Styles

Wigs and hair extensions are available in different styles and you can wear them as per the occasion, mood, and preferences. Trying out different looks on a regular basis adds elegance to the lives of women as they look unique, different, and gorgeous.

Protection Against Dust

Wigs play an integral role in protecting your hair from pollution, dust, and dirt. They can work in harshest conditions and are durable in comparison to other options. You can easily get Lace Front Wigs for Black Women from different platforms and add a charm to your personality.

What are the Best Benefits of Popular Hair Extensions?

There are many women around the world who wear wigs for various reasons. Regardless of the region or race, women have been wearing wigs for years, which is why the wig industry is becoming huge. You may have used a hair wig sometime for a particular reason, but there can be different reasons behind using a wig, such as special occasions, various health problems, a variety of options for accessorizing, and etc.

360 frontal wig

Benefits of wearing wigs

The foremost benefit of wearing wigs is that they allow you to cover up your natural hair issues. As hair wigs are available in a number of sizes, styles, and colors, you don’t have to feel embarrassed in public due to hair loss problems. Since hair wigs are easy to use and adjust, women with a busy schedule can save a lot of time on a daily basis. Hair wigs allow you to avoid a bad hair day while experimenting with different styles instead of sticking to a monotonous look every day.

Reasons to choose popular wigs

When it comes to choosing a hair wig, you’ve got a lot of options to choose from. The list of most commonly sold hair wigs includes Brazilian hair weave, Malaysian virgin hair weave, lace wigs, 360 frontal wigs, and glueless hair wig. Apart from weaves and other hair extensions, such as cheap front lace wigs are also quite popular among women.

Brazilian Hair Weave: Using these weaves, you will always feel easy, as they don’t shed or tangle while combing. As these hair weaves are not dyed with any chemical products, you can enjoy the natural hair color, volume, and smooth texture.

360 Frontal Wig: It allows you to make more hairstyles, such as high pony-tail, bun and others with a more natural look. With good hair density, it is more affordable than other hair wigs.

Cheap Front Lace Wigs: These wigs are more common than any other types of wigs. It allows you to choose a hairline and part the hair as per your choice.

With many other choices available to you, you can get a different look every day to stand apart in the crowd. You can look your best in different hair wigs by picking them according to your age, weight and other factors.

Full Lace Wigs: An Optimal Option to Consider

Increasing work stress and anxiety in our daily life is a major cause of hair fall. Hair loss is a common problem faced and around 50% of the population in the world is facing this problem today. To fight with this problem, you can either go for surgical and non-surgical treatments, which are not only expensive but also time-consuming. If you want to look beautiful and create a different hairstyle, you can use human full lace wigs.

synthetic lace front wigs

Wearing wigs is a perfect choice for both women and men. Malaysian virgin hair weave helps you achieve different hairstyle. A lace wig is one of the top choices that people make because it comes in many styles like straight, curly, braided, tied or anything you want to do with your wig. By using human full lace wigs, you can look more natural. Let us take a look at the benefits of using full lace wigs:

  • Wigs are more flexible than other types of treatment
  • It helps in hiding hair abnormalities such as baldness, hair loss or retreating hairline
  • Gives a more realistic and natural look.
  • The lace cap is more is softer and more comfortable to wear
  • It is available in wide variety of designs and can be easily styled
  • It is light in weight and can be easily used than traditional wigs
  • Gives more natural look after getting attached to hair
  • Keep wig clean for longer use

The human hair lace front wig is a perfect for choice for every occasion. Front lace wigs are wonderful and popular for its natural look. The realistic appearance of these synthetic lace front wigs makes them look more gorgeous. These types of wigs are available online as well as offline. If you want to choose the best human lace wigs, then you should go online. You can choose the right one that is convenient for you.

Top 3 Benefits of Tape in Hair Extensions

Are you striving to have long, luscious and shiny locks for the summer? There is a viable solution that can give you the hair you have dreamed of – Tape hair extensions. This is semi-permanent form of hair extensions can help you achieve an array of versatile hairstyles without any hassle.

1.Tape in hair extensions stay for longer period of time

These hair extensions can be taped into your hair, rather than clipped in or sewed in. Tape hair extensions are made with first-rate adhesives that last for a longer period of time. With utmost maintenance and care, these extensions can last up to two months. Here are six benefits you can get from using tape in hair extensions.

2.They help In achieve versatile hairstyles without causing any hair damage

With these hair extensions, you can achieve unique and different hairstyles, without having to clip in and additional hair. They easy to style and can be easily concealed in your hair so no one will know you are wearing artificial hair. There are various hairstyles that you can achieve, such as:

• Silky Ponytails
• Long braids
• Long Beachy Waves
• Waterfall Twist
• French Buns and more

3.You can wear them to swim, shower and workout

One of the major benefits that make tape in hair extensions the best choice is that they can be worn in the shower, to the gym, and to swim. While with other forms of hair extensions you have to remove the hair in order to perform such activities. With tape extensions, the hairstyle last in water, and save you a lot of time and effort.

What are the Key Benefits of Popular Hair Extensions?

Tape hair extensions

Today, many women around the world wear wigs for different reasons. Women from all regions and races wear wigs and hair extensions, which is why the wig industry is becoming a huge one that makes millions every year due to the high demand for wigs.There can be various reasons and benefits, due to which women of different ages wear wigs. The most commonly sold hair extensions include tape hair extensions, lace wigs, glueless hair wigs, Brazilian hair weaves, and Malaysian virgin hair weave.

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What are the Best Reasons for Wearing Human Hair Wigs?

Human Hair Wigs?

Women, who desire to get the perfect look with beautiful long hair, prefer to add some hair extensions. Human hair wigs are the widely popular extensions that are available in many designs in the market. However, you should only opt for 100% human hair if you want your hair to look originally beautiful. Human hair wigs are made of real human hair, which has never been colored. These wigs are also considered best as the natural hair is carefully picked and sorted to keep the wigs organized. Nowadays, glueless full lace wigs, virgin hair weaves, and human full lace wigs are quite popular among women.

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