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  Our focus is not on hair, per se, but on self-identification, transformation and character. Whether you a looking for a new style, glamour, or everyday practicality, we have you in mind. Our catalog includes choices in a range of styles, textures and colors that can be custom made to your specifications.

  We understand that there are many different reasons why one would want or need to buy a lace wig or hairpiece and we will consult with you about your specific needs. Many wear lace wigs as a result of hair loss due to alopecia, hormonal changes, radiation treatment, illness, or stress, just no name a few. Others take advantage of the superior advantages of the fashion alternatives available with lace wigs: one can change styles without chemically processing or cutting one's own hair, use lace wigs for protective styling to nourish hair and stimulate healthy hair growth, use as a transitional style between hair processing or use while growing out one's natural hair texture. Whatever the case, with, you can reclaim your style and confidence with one of the most realistic looking hair extensions on the market!

  Lacewigsbeauty strives for excellence in service and quality and we assure our customers just that. The following principles guide our mission:


  • Apply the highest standards of excellence in our products and in the way we do business.
  • Treat our customers with respect and dignity.
  • Maintain customer satisfaction all of the time.

  You can feel assured and trust that you have invested in a quality product from a company that values customer satisfaction. We guarantee to represent our products accurately and fairly and to stand by our policies. We understand, however, that internet commerce can be a scary thought for many individuals and have taken steps to help safeguard your purchases and obtain your trust.
1. We provide clearly stated Store Policies about how we do business.
2. We never sell or misuse your personal information.
3. Our store is backed by leading industry standards on internet security. We use the Stronghold secure server which supports industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption. Credit card and other information are encrypted during transmittal for hacker safe shopping.
4. We also accept payments via PayPal at checkout. With a PayPal account, you will never share financial information with merchants and can shop online with more confidence. 
5. We guarantee our products and stand by our policies and, as a buySAFE Certified Merchant, we are recognized for this. buySAFE is a third party endorsement of our trustworthiness and reliability. buySAFE Merchants are a select group representing the best merchants online! Simply select this option after checkout on your confirmation page for a bonded guarantee of your purchase. The bond ensures that buySAFE Merchants will live up to the promises made to the buyer in the terms of sale.


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