How do I Choose My Hair Styles?

Oval–oval is commonly considered a perfect face shape, with forehead, cheekbones, jaw line and chin balanced proportionally. So the face looks pretty on about any hair style and length.
Round– this face shows fullness at the cheeks and has a rounded shape. Avoid straight bangs or pulling hair straight back, as well as curly, short hair. Soft, graduated layers will make your face appear slimmer and remove bulk.
Square–This face features broad forehead and cheekbones as well as a wide chin. so such ppl should aim to minimize squared-off brow and soften the sharp angle of jawline, avoid styles that add width at the jawline, so try to lengthen the face and add fullness on top.
Diamond–The face has a narrow chin and forehead with wide cheekbones. You should choose the wig which can hide your cheeks width, and make chin full. And try some fringe or bang to cover your narrow forehead.
Heart–The shape is characterized narrow at the jaw line, wider at the eye line, cheek bones and the brow line. So the most favorite hairstyle for you is a pageboy type and puny layers. Also a medium length to mid-neck is your best look.
Pear–This is a barely common face shape. Presenting a wide chin and jaw line and narrow at the hairline and forehead. Full layers looks adding width and volume from the eyes to the crown are ideal for the shape.
Oblong–long and narrow bone structure, about the same width at forehead and just below cheekbones. So try to get medium lengths, fullness at the sides, soft wispy bangs, avoiding one length cuts and short layers that add volume to the crown areas.

Style bangs for oblong face shape

If you are not a perfect oblong face shape, then choosing the right hairstyle and bangs style is a must if you want to look fabulous. Bangs for the hair is essential, as the right type of bangs can transform your look, making your look more interesting and more appealing. There are a variety of bangs style ideas for your face shape, all you need to do is determine your face shape so you can select the best bangs style for you.

Whether long hair or short hair,If you have a round face shape you need to know that choosing the right type of bangs can soften the roundness of your face and side swept bangs can help you achieve that effect.Round face need to increase the bulkiness of the head to bring the effect of the elongated face shape.When cutting hairs, stay a little hair on head to create a high cut bangs, Slater suggests that side swept bangs can help you achieve that effect.Michelle Williams’ soft, long hair, lifeless, lying on top of the head. When she change a short hairstyle, she is fashion and her hairs look stylish and her stylist gathered most of the hair in the head to soften the roundness of your face,deep side swept bangs modified the face shape.

Women with an oval face shape can consider themselves quite lucky as this face shape can pull off almost any look and any bangs style. You can go for wispy cut bangs, blunt cut bangs, side swept bangs, choppy bangs, baby bangs, asymmetrical bangs, you name it, as long as they suit your style and hair type perfectly.Celebrity Katy Perry is perfect to try any hairstyle, whether hign updo hairstyle or wispy cut bangs, blunt cut bangs, she looks very beautiful and great!


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