6 Gorgeous Long-Hair Ideas to Try Now

6 Gorgeous Long-Hair Ideas to Try Now

It’s easy to get stuck in a hairstyle rut, even when you have lots of length to work with. That’s undoubtedly why the humble, last-resort ponytail has had such unwavering staying power all these years. Here, 6 totally nonboring looks to try if you have long hair. (More good news: You don’t have to give up your go-to style completely; there are even a few ponytail updates in the mix.)


NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 18:  Chanel Iman attends All Board! W Hotels Toasts The Upcoming Opening Of W Amsterdam at Grand Banks on August 18, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Santiago Felipe/WireImage)

NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 18: Chanel Iman attends All Board! W Hotels Toasts The Upcoming Opening Of W Amsterdam at Grand Banks on August 18, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Santiago Felipe/WireImage)

The ’70s are back—we have the rust-colored nail-polish trend to prove it—and Iman’s curls have a groovy Studio 54 vibe. To nail the glam disco-queen look, it’s important to concentrate the majority of the volume from midlength to ends. “If you put volume up top, it’s going to look ’80s,” says hairstylist Orlando Pita


NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 12:  Olivia Palermo is seen  on August 12, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Alo Ceballos/GC Images)

NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 12: Olivia Palermo is seen on August 12, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Alo Ceballos/GC Images)

It’s not exactly wavy, but it definitely hasn’t been flatironed into oblivion, either. Meet un-straight, the texture that says “I just happen to look this amazing, even though I put in minimal effort.” A middle part, slight bends that begin just below ear level, and piece-y definition create undeniable model-off-duty feel. Hairstylist Kerrie Urban’s technique for getting these non-curls: Flatiron two-inch sections of hair and “tilt the iron away or toward you haphazardly, so it looks a bit messy. It gives hair bend instead of curl.”、


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - FEBRUARY 18: Jameela Jamil wearing William Tempest dress, Topshop Jumper, Urban Outfitters shoes, street style at London fashion week autumn/winter 2012 womenswear shows on February 18, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images)

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – FEBRUARY 18: Jameela Jamil wearing William Tempest dress, Topshop Jumper, Urban Outfitters shoes, street style at London fashion week autumn/winter 2012 womenswear shows on February 18, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images)

Wispy bangs have their place, but thick fringe (think Bettie Page meets Veronica from the Archie comics) emanates edginess. Paired with ever so slightly tousled strands as they are here, full bangs are surprisingly grown-up and cool. But they don’t necessarily work on everyone: “They might look a little childish with a short cut,” says Annie Rush, a hairstylist at Eva Scrivo salon in New York City, who recommends a sideswept look as a short-hair alternative.

OLD-HOLLYWOOD WAVES-Beyoncébest-haircuts-long-beyonce

Let’s be real: Beyoncé looks amazing with any hairstyle. That’s probably why she changes up her look so often. But this modern take on old-school glam is something anyone can pull off. The length, shape of the curls, and added texture keep things current.

BEACHY WAVES-Shay Mitchell

MALIBU, CA - JUNE 14:  Actress Shay Mitchell attends Children Mending Heart's 7th Annual Empathy Rocks fundraiser on June 14, 2015 in Malibu, California.  (Photo by Vincent Sandoval/WireImage)

MALIBU, CA – JUNE 14: Actress Shay Mitchell attends Children Mending Heart’s 7th Annual Empathy Rocks fundraiser on June 14, 2015 in Malibu, California. (Photo by Vincent Sandoval/WireImage)

Beachy waves can work on medium and short hair, but true mermaid hair (as all Disney fans and marine biologists know) requires lots of length. With long hair, you’re free to build even more texture. “The length allows you to concentrate the messier portion of hair further down, away from the face,” says Rush. “So no matter how disheveled it gets, the final result still looks put-together.”


CULVER CITY, CA - JUNE 06:  Model Hannah Davis attends Spike TV's "Guys Choice 2015" at Sony Pictures Studios on June 6, 2015 in Culver City, California.  (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

CULVER CITY, CA – JUNE 06: Model Hannah Davis attends Spike TV’s “Guys Choice 2015” at Sony Pictures Studios on June 6, 2015 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Simply put, this is a look you can’t really achieve with short hair. The model’s voluminous curls would quickly turn straight on shorter hair, taking away from its sophisticated glam. Because the waves are concentrated below her chin, Davis’s bouncy blowout looks easygoing rather than stiff or formal.Ad728_90

5 Brilliant Tips for Wearing and Caring for Extensions

5 Brilliant Tips for Wearing and Caring for Extensions 未命名-1

Wearing hair extensions is a great way to add length, color, volume and give your confidence a huge boost without much commitment! So, if you’re curious on how you can dramatically change your look without all the processing, keep reading for 8 brilliant tips for wearing extensions!


  • Firstly, you’ll want to figure out what type of hair extensions you’re going to want to wear – clip-on, heat fusion, cold fusion, #skin weft or microbead.
  • There are so #many different ways to attach hair extensions to your hair, but if you’re just starting out and want to try the simplest method, try clip-on extensions.You just clip them on to add some volume and length, style and then clip them out when you’re ready to retire for the evening!


Next let’s talk about caring for extensions!Once you pick out what type of hair extensions you want to wear, get yourself a good brush and/or comb.Wide tooth combs are a must-have for caring for extensions as well as a loop bristle brush.The wide tooth comb can help you detangle your hair and the loop brush can help preserve the life of your hair extensions.56e4dabd5e4ebd2177ab9f17d945c4dc


  • Cleansing and conditioning is essential to keeping your hair clean, soft and shiny so of course we want to do the same for your hair extensions!Extensions can accumulate product build-up and residue like your natural hair so it’s important to keep them clean.
  • As far as the type of shampoo and conditioner to use on extensions, there doesn’t appear to be one perfect brand or type.But as a general rule, hair products with lots of silicone or conditioning oils are to be avoided.


Another tip on washing hair extensions is to be very gentle with them.Always wash hair extensions separately and avoid twisting, scrubbing or rubbing them while you wash.Also, when applying shampoo and #conditioner, always apply in a downward motion and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and gently squeeze;don’t ring excess water out.


Typically, you only want to use heat tools on 100% human hair and when you do, make sure you start with the lowest heat settings first to avoid damage.Experts say that overusing blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons can shorten the life of your natural hair extensions so keep that in mind when you’re styling them!马来发帘72890

6 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips

6 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips未命名-2

Summer can be harsh on the hair, with the intense heat, extended time in the sun, and the various activities, such as swimming, that can damage hair. Paying attention to hair care helps prevent damage, and can improve the overall health of the hair. A regular regimen that includes protecting and nourishing the hair and scalp, reduces the risk of issues like breakage, brittle hair, color changes, and frizz. Individuals just need to choose a regimen and keep to it for the whole summer.

Trim Hair Regularly

A quick trim with a clean pair of scissors at the beginning of summer removes any split ends that may worsen with the conditions that summer brings. Removing an inch or 2 is all that is necessary to improve the overall health of hair. It is also a good idea to do another trim at the end of the summer to remove any split ends prior to the cold, dry winter weather.piggy-chops

Protect Tresses from the Sun

Just like the skin, hair needs protection from the sun. There are UV hair products that help with this, such as leave-in conditioner and heat-protection sprays. It is important to read the product labels carefully to find products with adequate SPF. If shoppers cannot find these products, a scarf or a hat is helpful to protect both the hair and the scalp from UV ray damage.

Wash Hair After Outdoor Fun

After working out, spending hours in the sun, or swimming, it is advisable to wash the hair in order to remove pool chemicals, lake and ocean debris, oils, sweat, and dirt. This helps to prevent buildup, and it removes chemicals that may damage and dry out the hair, such as chlorine. It is best to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to help tame frizz, and give the locks a little extra hydration.Alina-Artz

Prepare Hair for the Pool

The hair is like a sponge, and people want their hair to absorb as little ocean, lake, and pool water as possible. Swimmers should wet their hair prior to entering the water so it absorbs less. Many pools have showers or rinse off sprayers for this purpose. Alternatively, it is easy take a quick shower at home before heading out for a day at the pool or beach. Swimmers can add a little leave-in conditioner for extra protection.

Put Styling Tools in Hibernation

It is a good idea to take advantage of natural hair during the summer months and put the styling tools away. Heat styling strips natural oils from hair, which leads to hair drying out and being prone to breakage. It is best to allow the hair to air dry, using a little texture cream or spray to achieve a natural, beach look. If individuals must style their hair, they should keep it to a minimum and use the lowest heat setting on the styling tools. They should always make sure to use a heat-protecting spray prior to using heating tools, in order to protect the hair.

Deep Condition Hair Regularly

Pool chemicals, salt from the ocean, regular styling, and sun damage wreak havoc on the hair. A deep conditioning treatment helps to restore lost moisture to improve health and body. There are multiple options for deep conditioning, including pre-made conditioners and natural homemade ones.双色发72890

How To Brush Hair Weaves?

How To Brush Hair Weaves?

Many people ask me how to brush hair weaves. Of course if you brush your hair weaves properly, your hair weaves can be used for a long time! So today I will teach you brush hair weaves!未命名-1


  1. First things come first so I’m going to open this list of advices on how to care for hair weave with something that ought to be as important as brushing your teeth each morning.
  2. Brushing your hair weave is a regular upkeep kind of thing, something you should remember to do often, right and with the help of a good tool.
  3. Soft bristle brush or pro, Looper brush will, therefore, be perfect for that job, helping you detangle your hair without damaging it.
  4. As for the technique that ought to ensure long lasting good looks of your extensions, I’ll just say things are much simpler than you though.
  5. Patience and care – that’s all there is to it.
  6. Start at the bottom, as you would with your natural hair, detangling that area first before you move up to work on the top sections.
  7. Be gentle with you weaves too, as pulling will cause serious breakage, turning your gorgeous, shiny clip-ins into a frizzy, dingy-looking mess no girl in her right mind would want near her head.3f5c9f4c155af776aa899ec717d9a4b4


  • A nice, nourishing leave-in conditioner will be a perfect follow up for your hair weaves maintenance routine.
  • Spray it on or work it in using the same downward motion, brush out any remaining tangles carefully and voila – your hair pieces are ready to be left to dry.
  • No need to apply a whole lot of nourishing products at once as this could put your weaves at risk of being over-conditioned which normally isn’t a good thing at all as it will make them look dull and limp as well as cause them to get dirty again at a much faster rate, not to mention the extra tangles you’ll have to deal with.


How To Have Wonderful Hair Weave This Summer

How To Have Wonderful Hair Weave This Summer未命名-1

How to care for hair extensions is and really should be one of the most important steps in your decision to get them. Now I want to teach you some steps to help you have wonderful hair weave this summer.

TIPS on How to Care for your weave/Extensions:未命名-2

  1. Try to only style weave using heat maximum twice a week
  2. When sleeping ensure closure piece is held down firmly, closure will flatten with time
  3. As extensions have been cut  at the track, a little bit of shedding is normal
  4. Try not to pull your weave back into a pony tail too much or too tightly, always be conscience of your front baby hairs
  5. At least once a week go through the rows of your braid base and gently apply moisturising hair and scalp cream.
  6. Dont put any form of grease of or oil on your weave. This will make it look cheap, synthetic and very heavy.
  7. If your weave is curly apply small amount of lotion in palm of hands and rub all over hands so it’s a thin layer of product, Loosely apply to hair to maintain curl
  8. Full head weaves should be kept for max 6 weeks

Steps of washing hair weave:11172055_1

  1. Have a shower and let the warm water soak through your scalp to relax and clean. Avoid rubbing the hair in a rough motion.
  2. If the extensions are a good quality use shampoo and conditioner, if average quality just small amount of conditioner
  3. Always avoid rubbing the base cornrows as it will cause the weave to drop faster and may cause breakage
  4. Once conditioner has been applied rinse out, again do not rub hair
  5. Towel dry hair is a down wards motion and always brush hair with a paddle brush
  6. When brushing hold the train firmly with your palm , then brush from ends up
  7. Ensure all under braids are completely dried, if they haven’t dried in 1 day get a blow dryer and apply hot air over braid to dry
  8. If hair is top quality blow wave dry after a few hours and proceed to styling with ironAd728_92

American African Summer Hairstyles-ELEGANT FISHTAIL BUN

American African Summer Hairstyles-ELEGANT FISHTAIL BUN未命名-1

Many American African women love this simple yet elegant updo for summer, and we adore that the instructions on replicating this look are so easy! You could easily recreate this updo for your rehearsal dinner, wedding, or even just a fun holiday party, and you would be the hit of the party with this adorable updo on New Year’s Eve! Pair this elegant bun with some natural makeup and statement lipstick for a chic look. Take a few minutes to try out Heather’s easy instructions for this adorable and elegant fishtail bun!


  1. Gather all hair at the crown of the head.
  2. Tie with a sturdy hair elastic and place a hair donut or a scrunchie (we just used a thick head band and doubled it over) at the base of the pony to give it extra volume.
  3. Pull about 1/4 of the hair out from underneath the scrunchie and fishtail braid.
  4. 4&5. Tease the remaining hair in the pony.
  5. Take the teased hair and slightly twist as you wrap the pony around the scrunchie. This will give a central, fountain-like look to the bun, similar to a sock-bun. Bobby pin at the base the whole way around the bun to secure a strong hold.
  6. Take your fingers and pull apart your fishtail braid until it is a looser weave.
  7. Wrap your fishtail around the base of the bun and tuck the remaining end under the braid, securing with one or two bobby pins.
  8. Put on your best dress and that bright red lipstick you love! :)72890

5 Coolest, Hassle-Free Hairstyles for Moms .

5 Coolest, Hassle-Free Hairstyles for Moms .

  • Hassle-free hairstyles become especially important once you become a full time mom who, of course, needs to look great despite the lack of sleep and the growing list of things to do.Now, I know you love your baby to death and that you’d gladly give it all up if need be just to make sure your angel receives the best of care but the good news is that you don’t really have to, as being a caring mother and a beautiful woman aren’t mutually exclusive!
  • All you need is a few ideas on easy-to-do, cool hairstyles for moms and maybe a few tips on how to update your cut so it becomes easier to style!You’ll find out exactly what to do with your hair by the time you’re finished reading all the interesting styles for new moms on this list:


  • Low or high, buns are a perfect hassle-free hairstyle for moms who are not particularly interested in having their precious tresses cut.In case your hair is shedding quite a bit and is not thick and voluminous as it used to be, simply use a sock bun trick to get a neat, voluminous-looking bun in a heartbeat!
  • Be Aware: As simple and easy to do as they are, even buns require a minimal dose of skills, so don’t give up in case you don’t get them right on the first try.Tease your roots or use a root booster to get more volume when opting for low bun or chignon styles or opt for non-sticky styling pomade or hairspray in case baby hair is making it hard for you to obtain a long lasting, sleek style.


  • Still looking for a trendy way to style your tresses?Why not take your pick amongst many of those amazing braided styles?Opt for a milkmaid braid in case you have a frisky child that loves pulling your hair, braid your bangs only in case you’re looking for a cool style that lasts more than a day, part your hair at center braiding or twisting only one small section at each side to get your own Game of Thrones inspired style or freshen up your bun by braiding your ponytail before coiling it into a bun!
  • Be Aware: Braided hairstyles and braided techniques differ significantly which might confuse you at first but also means you’ll have no problem finding a cool new option even if you’re extremely busy and unable to commit to any complicated styling techniques.


  • A wavy hairstyle is carefree and hassle-free on your part, but looks chic and stylish to those around you!To achieve this look if you have naturally straight hair, braid your hair at night when it’s slightly damp.In the morning, when you take out your braids you’ll look fabulous!
  • Be Aware: This look can come off as too carefree, and look like.Whenever you wear your hair wavy, make sure it isn’t too frizzy.


  • Well, we all know a post on easy styles just has to include the most hassle-free of all hassle-free hairstyles, his majesty – a ponytail! Opt for it whenever you’re completely out of ideas and worry not as this simple, well-loved style can be updated in many ways and turned into a classy bun in virtually no time! Be sure to check out a post on various creative ways to liven up your standard pony and have fun rocking this simple yet cool look!
  • Be Aware: Ponytail that hangs limp or is sloppily made is never a good way to style your hair!Tease the base of your pony to give it volume or braid/twist it in case it’s too long and heavy to bounce.


  • A classic look is the half-up style. This look is really easy to achieve, yet looks classy and fancy!The best part is all it takes is a few bobby pins to complete this look! It’s a fool-proof style you’re bound to love!
  • Be Aware: This hairstyle may slip out and then look sloppy!Make sure you use quality, new bobby pins (not stretched out ones) to secure your style completely.Ad728_92

Summer Haircuts–The 6 Best Haircuts for Curly Hair

Summer  Haircuts–The 6 Best Haircuts for Curly Hair

“Fashionable hair” used to mean flat, sleek, and stick-straight. But more women—celebrities included—are embracing their natural (read: wavy or curly) texture instead of fighting it. Here, the top haircuts for curly hair and how to get them.

LONG, LOOSE WAVESsarah-jessica-parker-culry-haircut

Sarah Jessica Parker is practically the poster child for curly hair. And with good reason: Her polished waves are both smooth and bouncy. With fine hair and wavy to medium curls, it will be straighter at the roots and have more texture toward the ends. Apply a leave-in conditioner with a frizz-controlling serum while hair is still damp.

TIGHT CURLS AND STEEP LAYERSbeyonce-curly-haircut

Attention all curly-hair types: This is your cut. And don’t be afraid to go big, like Beyoncé does. “Getting it big with a diffuser is what’s fun about it,” says Willhite. Ask for long and wispy (not blunt) layers using a slide-cutting technique. “If you put too many layers at the top, it will get too curly—you want it to be softer around the face,” she says. Use a hydrating product like leave-in conditioner, and when hair is dry, go over random pieces with a curling iron.

LONG CURLStaylor-swift-curly-haircut

Taylor Swift’s curls are best suited for fine, wavy hair. Ask for a long, layered hair cut with short, angled layers at your jaw to create a side-swept look in the front. If your waves are falling flat, use an enhancing gel while hair is wet. To control frizz, use the diffuser with your blow-dryer.

LONG, CURLY LAYERSannalynne-mccord-curly-haircut

Length is key when your curls are tight, like Annalynne McCord’s—long layers help weigh them down. If you want a soft, face-framing look, ask for layers that start no higher than the chin or collarbone, so curls have enough weight to hang down. To get McCord’s springy movement and volume, wring the water out of your hair after showering and work a light cream through damp hair to control the curls.

LONG, WAVY LAYERSkate-hudson-curly-haircut

Because of the length and layers, people with naturally wavy or loose curls like Kate Hudson can pull off this look well, says Willhite. The cut enhances the hair’s natural softness. Keep the layers below the chin so curls don’t get too bouncy. According to Massey, women with fine, less-textured hair might have a hard time with this cut (unless they’re willing to spend their mornings with a curling iron). A light spray gel adds texture without weighing strands down.


Long bobs aren’t just for women with straight strands. Proof: Vanessa Hudgens’s sexy shoulder-grazing bob. Ask for a wedge cut; short layers in the back and long, face-framing layers in the front create an interesting angle. Bonus: The long layers can slim a round face. “And because the layers are long in front, you won’t have difficulty with curls bouncing up around the face and not blending,” says Willhite. Just don’t let the back run wild. You can get frizz under control through wet hair with your fingers and using the diffuser attachment on your blow-dryer.Ad728_90


Hair Secrets For Mom :The 8 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Olde

Hair Secrets For Mom :The 8 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Olde60187-shutterstock_176500799.jpg.660x0_q80_crop-scale_upscale

A bad hairstyle isn’t always so easy to identify—and, chances are, if you don’t have a total hacksaw job, you probably think you are doing everything right with your current look (hello, high school yearbook photo).  The Mother’s day is coming,So I want to tell you these 8 hair mistakes that make you and your mom look.

Mistake 1: Letting it Grow Out too Long

According to Grenia, there is one common style mistake that he sees women make time and time again: not getting a haircut often enough. “Even just a trim will keep hair in its best shape. Split ends climb up the hair, so, for long hair especially, I recommend a trim every seven weeks.”

Mistake 2: Sporting a Color That Washes You Out

  • Sure, color is a totally separate category that could go on for endless contents in the story of hairstyles, but the ultimate way you can add years to your look: sporting hair color that is way too blond.
  • “It can wash out a woman’s skin tone,” Grenia says. “Having a natural root base with subtle balayage highlights around the face and ends will bring out your eyes and skin.”

Mistake 3: Out-of-Date Do

  • Even if you’ve kicked your hairspray obsession and mile-high bangs to the curb, chances are you may still be making a very common hair mistake that looks more tired than on trend.
  • The biggest don’t, according to Grenia: a dated, over-layered haircut and bad, stripy highlights.8885-layers1jpg

Mistake 4: Not Refreshing Your Bangs

What is the fastest thing you can do to update your hairstyle? Change your fringe. “It is an easy fix for updating your hairstyle,” Grenia says. “Or, simply switch up how you part your hair—it can change the feel of a cut.”

Mistake 5: Trying to Recreate the Look You Got at the Salon—Minus the Proper Tools

This one is a little hard to get your head (or hair, literally) wrapped around. If you like the look you get at the salon, you should still like it when you get home and do the same thing, right?  It’s not that simple—especially when it comes to operating the almighty hot tool. “The biggest mistake people make is when they try to recreate what their stylists have done in the salon at home without being taught the proper way, especially when it comes to using hot tools. Those perfect hair-sprayed-to-death ‘prom curls,’ as I like to call them, are a complete no-no. Not only are they circa ’92, but they are super unnatural. Instead, use a curling iron to create a bend to the hair, instead of an actual curl from roots to ends.”

Mistake 6: Not Properly Drying Your Hair in the Morning

Galazka says doing a bad blow-dry can sometimes really backfire. “It can leave your ends looking frizzy or lead to unwanted volume if you have curly hair. Having the right tools—the proper brush, blow-dryer and product—and being patient will lead you to success.”未命名-1

Mistake 7: Faded Color

It’s not really new information that color can be really hard to keep up with. “Faded color might appear aged,” Galazka says. “Instead, opt for revitalizing your shade by going to your colorist for a gloss in-between visits. But we also walk a fine line between wanting a rooted color and then, not coloring your hair for three-months-plus.” Her tip: If your natural root color exceeds more then four inches, it’s aging and it’s time to color that mane.

Mistake 8: Ends That Are Fried

Keeping the ends of your hair fresh will always make you look younger and more polished. “A lot of times we do so much mechanical damage to our hair, we forget to treat it,” Galazka says, and suggests that, if you aren’t ready for a trim, revitalizing the midshaft to ends by going to the salon once a month and doing a deep-conditioning treatment. “Not only will this keep your strands looking shiny but younger-looking as well.”

Hairstyles For Mom: 8 Hairstyles That Will Knock Off 10 Years

Hairstyles For Mom: 8 Hairstyles That Will Knock Off 10 Years

Mother’s day is coming, you don’t need pricey injections or creams to help mom look younger. All it takes is a trip to the salon by XCsunny.

Michelle Pfeiffer, 5522-totalbeauty-logo-anti-aging-hairstyles

Layers are a great way to soften your face for a youthful and flirty look. Michelle Pfeiffer’s style gets movement from and off-center part and loose waves.

Sandra Bullock, 4924-totalbeauty-logo-anti-aging-hairstyles

Natural chestnut highlights catch the light and brighten Sandra Bullock’s face, helping to maintain her youthful appearance.

Rachel Weisz, 4415-totalbeauty-logo-anti-aging-hairstyles

Her glossy, retro-inspired waves start at her cheekbone for a flattering style that frames her face. The subtle volume of her bangs softens the slicked-back side.

Jennifer Lopez, 4426-totalbeauty-logo-anti-aging-hairstyles

Get in on the low ponytail trend by keeping it loose and pulling out face-framing pieces for a look that is elegant but not severe or dated (two major age giveaways).

Nia Long, 4355

A side part, swooping bangs and perfectly undone curls work well with a layered lob, as seen on Nia Long.

Sanaa Lathan, 4223-totalbeauty-logo-anti-aging-hairstyles

An easy, half-up/half-down style is the perfect way to wear a more formal style while also camouflage any sagging skin

Gabrielle Union, 4108-totalbeauty-logo-anti-aging-hairstyles

Waves that start at eye level combined with subtle highlights keep Gabrielle Union’s hair from falling flat

Katherine Heigl, 3507-totalbeauty-logo-anti-aging-hairstyles

When volume goes horrible wrong: The over-the-top style looks like it’s been overly teased and overly doused with hairspray.