How to Crimp Your Hair Without a Crimper or Straightener

How to Crimp Your Hair Without a Crimper or Straightener On Christmas
Crimping your hair is a nice way to spice it up, but crimping and straightening irons can damage your hair. Follow these steps to learn how to crimp without the use of those tools.

  1. Wash your hair as normal. Pat it gently with a towel -not rubbing- until it isn’t dripping, but still relatively damp.
  2. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb through your hair until it is detangled, and divide it into sections, depending onto the thickness of your hair.
  3. Braid the sections tightly. Don’t pull too tightly, because you’ll apply too much pressure on the scalp. However, if the braids are too loose, you’ll end up with just waves, not crimped hair. Secure the ends well to make sure the braids don’t unravel.
  4. Keep hair in braids all day or sleep on them then take out the braids when hair is dry or when you wake up.
  5. If you do not have the time to air dry, use a blow dryer for at least 5-10 minutes using cool air. As hot air will damage hair if used too long.
  6. Don’t brush your hair out; simply run your fingers through it or fluff it up a little. Then enjoy your newly crimped hair!

How To Have Curly Hair On Christmas

How To Have Curly Hair On Christmas
If you want to have curly hair on Christmas and don’t want to fry your hair with constant heated styling, there are ways to create curls and waves with no heat. These styles take very little preparation time and set overnight to minimize effort on your part. Here are some simple hair styles you can do overnight to create beautiful no-heat curls.
Method 1 of 4: Braiding Your Hair

  1. Split your hair into sections. You can actually use as many braids as you want. The fewer braids you use, the larger the curls will be. So decide how many braids to use based on how large you want your curls to be
  2. Braid the sections of your hair. To braid hair, you just divide the part you want to braid into three sections and bring the far left piece across the middle section, then repeat with the left piece. You continue doing this (alternating between the left and right pieces) until you have no more hair left. Tie off the end with an elastic band.
  3. Go to sleep. When you wake up, take the elastics out of all the braids.
  4. Run your finger through your hair to create the curls. Set your style with some hair spray.

French Braiding Your Hair

  1. Split your hair in two parts. It is usually best to split the hair down the middle, but if you have a natural part in your hair that is close to the middle, that can work too.
  2. Create a french braid on one side. To do this, you simply start by taking a section of hair from the top of your head. Split this section into three parts and start braiding like normal, except that you keep adding hair to each side as you braid. Keep going until there is no remaining hair to braid.Tie off the French braid with an elastic band.This style will result in straighter hair on the top half and curly hair on the bottom half.
  3. Repeat the previous step on the other side. This will result in two French braids in your hair, one on each side of your head.
  4. Go to sleep. When you wake up, undo the braids.
  5. Run your fingers through your hair. The bottom should only be curled. Set the style by spritzing it with hair spray..

How to Brush Your Hair when It’s a Mess

How to Brush Your Hair when It’s a Mess
Sometimes, you wake up in the morning, look at yourself and think, “WHOA! What happened to my hair?!” This probably means you should brush it.

  1. Take a shower. Take a normal shower, although try to use an irregular, large amount of conditioner. Be sure to wash it out properly or else your hair will look and feel greasy.
  2. Before you towel dry your hair, brush it. Try to be extra gentle, as wet hair is prone to damage real easy.
  3. After you towel dry your hair, brush it again. Still try to be gentle, but you don’t have to be as nice to your hair.
  4. Wrap the towel around your head and do something for about 45 minutes.When nutes.time is up, take off the towel and brush your hair again. Now your hair should be 100% untangled.                                                                             Some  Tips:
  •  Brush your hair twice or more a day: When you wake up, Before you go to bed, and whenever your hair needs to be brushed.                                                                   Do not blow dry or straighten your hair. This only makes the hair lose its nutrients and moisture, making it super prone to tangles.
  • Even if you brush your hair before you go to bed and it’s still really tangled, before you go to bed, wear a braid. Wake up, remove the braid, and you have no tangles, wavy, beautiful hair.
  • If you want really untangled hair, after you take a shower and have towel dried your hair, use a comb to just get rid of small tangles.
  •  Always make sure your hair is dry before you go to bed. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

How to Be Proud to Be Blonde

How to Be Proud to Be Blonde

Do you cringe when you hear another ‘Dumb Blonde joke’? Are you often told “You’re such a blonde!”? Are you sick of it? Accept who you are! Don’t go dying your hair black and brown right away! You’re beautiful!

  1. Llisten to what other people say. The “typical blonde stereotype” is either happy and air headed or peppy, girly, and mean. Be yourself, and if people say anything rude or subtly offending, then come up with a smart, confident comeback like, “It’s just a hair color”, or “I am proud to be blonde, and I am shocked you would say such a thing.”
  2. Look and feel good. Blonde hair just shines with outfits with greys, browns, deep colors, and especially blacks! Choose clothing that compliments your colouring, style and body shape.
  3. Always keep in mind that blonde hair is a recessive trait, which means that it is the most unique, special, and rarest hair color after red. You stand out from the rest of the group and it’s not bad unless you make it bad
  4. Look at the beautiful, brave, feisty girls in the movies; they’re often blonde!
  5. Laugh at yourself! When you do something clumsy, or absentmindedly, people may say “Oh wow, you’re such a blonde!” If you laugh with them, you will not feel as bad.
  6. Do not act like the blonde stereotype. Be smart, confident, and on top of things. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of humor!.
  7. You are beautiful, your hair is gorgeous, don’t let anyone think differently about it.
  8. Do not make a big reaction. If someone makes fun of you and you in return give them the reaction they are seeking, it will become a game to them. Develop your own resilience.

4 Hair & Make-Up Christmas Party Looks

4 Hair & Make-Up Christmas Party Looks

  1. A gorgeous dip-dye and seductively dark metallic eye make-up are a winning beauty look for party season.
  2. Pair undone waves, pink matte lips and gold-lined eyes for evening glamour a la Alexa Chung.
  3. Recreate Valentino’s half-up half-down hair look and luminous skin for a romantic approach to party beauty.
  4. For flawless, feminine beauty look no further than Keira Knightley’s high-shine retro waves, subtly smokey eyes and radiant skin.  

How to wash your hair

How to wash your hair
1、Wash your hair. This is so that your hair is not weighed down by dirt, grease or any products you used recently. Using a lightweight shampoo is also best as this washes and cares for hair without adding any extra weight- you want hair to be as light as possible so it doesn’t lie flat on your head.
2、Shampoo a second time to really clean your hair.This really helps eliminate any build up, for light hair. Then use a small amount of a light conditioner just to keep your hair healthy and not dry. Wash the conditioner out with cold water as this smooths and softens hair for easier styling later on.
3、Squeeze out as much water as you can from your hair. Then, pat dry with a towel, don’t rub as this causes frizz. Try to get your hair as dry as possible
4、Comb through hair, without applying any product. Sort your part out and then leave to air dry for as long as possible- wet hair is weighed down therefore will not fluff up as desired.
5、Once hair is completely dry, brush hair out using a large paddle brush. Keep brushing until all the tangles are out, then turn your head upside down and brush hair upside down.
6、Stand up straight again and using your hands, scrunch hair and fluff it up.Hair should now have quite a substantial amount of volume.7、Part hair again, and the back comb under your top layer of hair. This adds volume but keeps the visible surface of hair at the top and front still smooth.
8、Back comb the lengths of your hair too, if required. Now turn upside down again and spray all hair with a flexible but strong spray. This allows further styling through the day but holds your original one too.

How to Air Dry Your Hair

How to Air Dry Your Hair
Here’s how to air-dry your hair. In addition, keep it healthy and soft.
1、Shampoo. Start by washing your hair with a shampoo, using a dime sized amount. Make sure you massage your hair  while you wash from roots to ends.

2、Condition your hair with a moisturizing conditioner. Leave the conditioner in for 2-5 minutes. Avoid your roots when conditioning focus on your ends.
3、Squeeze water. Then use your hands or towel and squeeze excess water out. If you are using a towel, try not to pull, as that will lead to pulling out hair. And if you are using your hands do not squeeze too hard.
4、Detangle your hair by using a wide tooth comb. Start from the ends. Do this until there are no tangles in your hair left.
5、Moisturize your hair by using a cream or oil. Rub the moisturizer in to the ends. Avoid the ends.
6、Dry and leave your hair as it is. For 30-60 minutes let your hair air-dry and do some errands or watch some TV. When it’s dried, your hair should be soft and moisturized.

5 Tips to have wonderful hair at Christmas

5 Tips to have wonderful hair at Christmas
Winter means dry and rough hair. To prevent bad hair days during this season, we present five hair care tips on how to protect your tresses while travelling during colder temperatures, inside and out,helping you have wonderful hair at Christmas.

Avoid overheating: If you are travelling regularly, don’t overdo it with styling. Over styling with heat-based tools such as flat irons and curling irons are common problems during winter. If you want to style, switch from using a flat iron to Velcro rollers to give hair smoothness and volume. Always remember, while styling, try to pick options that are less taxing on your hair. If you require a blow dryer or flat iron, try using it only once a week. It’s the same with hairdryers, as the heat they generate to blow dry can damage hair. Use a cool air setting instead.
Don’t raise the temperature: We know how tempting it is to indulge in a hot shower during winter, but it can be unfriendly to your locks! Washing hair in extremely hot water is damaging, so try moderate temperatures instead. If you really need to crank up the hot water dial, make sure you apply a deep conditioner in your hair and have a plastic cap on. Turn the dial back down when rinsing the conditioner out. If you wash your hair more often, try to use a non-sudsing shampoo to help protect hair against drying from frequent shampooing. If your hair is oily, using this type once a week will be good. If your hair is dry, then use a non-sudsing shampoo. Daily hair washing will dry out your locks, so wash it two to three times a week to leave in the natural oils.

Use a leave-in conditioner: Regular deep conditioning is a must this time of year, no matter what your hair type is. Coat hair with a deep conditioner, then fasten a shower cap or a plastic bag tightly over the hair, and sleep with it overnight. Rinse out in the morning. Don’t forget about your scalp, which can become irritated by winter. Avoid dry flaky scalp by getting hydrating and stimulating scalp treatments.
Safely secure your hair: A common way to secure hair when outside is with hair pieces. Secure your hair with bobby pins or elastic bands that do not contain metal components, as these pieces can cause breakage when they’re removed because hair becomes tangled or wrapped around the metal. Opt for elastic bands wrapped only in fabric or small clear elastic bands which are perfect for the ends of a braid.
Protect your hair outside: Whenever you are stepping outside in the cold, keep your head/hair covered. If you’re using a knit cap to cover your head, wrap a silk scarf on your hair first. This will provide a protective barrier from your hat and an extra layer against the elements. Use hats with a satin or silk lining wool, cotton and other fibers not only absorb moisture but also rub on the hair strands, which can be damaging. Hoods are also a great option.

Taylor Swift’s greatest beauty moments

Taylor Swift’s greatest beauty moments
Yesterday is Taylor’s birthday,so now let’s see some greatest beauty moments of her.
The nude lip
Despite bring known for her trademark red lip, at the 2013 Grammys, Taylor dialled down the retro and went for all out rock chick with this shaggy bedhead blow-dry and metallic eyes.
The Brigitte Bardot
With thick liquid eyeliner lined eyes and a barely there blush pink lip, we couldn’t help but think Tay Tay might have gotten her beauty inspiration from a certain 60s starlet.
The Glamazon
Doing a strong lip and eye is often regarded as a bit of a beauty no-no but flouting the rules with aplomb, Taylor stepped out in this bold eye and hot fuchsia lip combo which she pulled off to devastating effect. The high-rise ponytail with perfect bangs and volume around the crown is the icing on the proverbial cake.
The regal one
Taylor’s got such amazing princess hair that she could almost pass for an actual royal in this snap.
The red carpet pro (part 2)
But none of Tay’s up-dos have been quite as impressive as this twisty number. Beaut!

5 Hair & Make-Up Party Looks

5 Hair & Make-Up Party Look

  1. A whispy, undone updo is perfect for adding a feminine finish a strong makeup look like Suki Waterhouse’s matte crimson lip.
  2. You just can’t beat classic Hollywood waves come party season. Load on the mascara and paint lips a glossy red to recreate Blake Lively’s gorgeous bygone look.
  3. To give smokey eyes a glam rather grungy feel, pair with dewy skin, a glossy nude lip and squeeky-clean voluminous locks.
  4. Long locks can look just as full-bodied and gorgeous in a voluminous ponytail as they can in a down ‘do, as Elizabeth Olsen proves with her gorgeous tonged style.
  5. Replicate J-Law’s full, doll-like lashes, peachy cheeks, pink, glossy lips and wavy updo for a 60s siren look.