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College Assignment Writing Service Survey: Costs and Benefits

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You can either air dry or blow-dry. You can also prep the hair with a lightweightMOUSSE or THICKENING SPRAY if you think your hair needs extra hold support.

1.Divide your hair into 1 1/2- 2 inch sections. If your sections are too big, the curls won’t looks as beachy, but if they’re too small they can get stringy or frizzy with this technique. Make sure to stay within 1 1/2- 2 inches.
2.We start with the section closest to the ear with the rest clipped up. It’s optional at this point to spray a light hold styling spray or heat protectant on the section. Curl back and away from your face. When you get to the ends, drag the curling iron out slowly to straighten the tips a little! (skip to photo 7 if that sounds confusing)
3.Now take your next section down and clip the hair back up. Again, stay within the 1 1/2- 2 inch section rule!
4.For this section you’re going to curl the opposite way using your wand. When you use a wand you hold the end piece out while the rest is being curled, so it’s automatically going to leave your ends looking straighter, which is great!
5.Keep alternating. The next section is curled back and away from the face using a curling iron.
6.Now you can see how once you get to the bottom of the curl, you gently drag the curling iron out to avoid “springy” curly ends. You want that more relaxed look and this is a great way to get it.
7.One more time with the wand, wrapping the hair toward the face.
8.Then you would  do the opposite side the same way. Since Emily wears a side part, there are only 3 sections on the side with less hair. Still alternate the same way.
9.Once you’re completely finished, don’t brush the hair. Take your serum and pomade and mix them together in your palms until they’re nice and blended. Work that mix through from middle to ends!

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Now You Can Find Mini Bridal Flower Girl Dresses In Adorable Styles,Personalized Bobbleheads

If you have ever planned a wedding, or even attended a wedding, before you might have noticed that flower girls dresses often look like Easter or first communion dresses,Custom bobbleheads, or that they do not really seem like dresses for young girls. Flower girls have a tendency to look as though they are wearing dresses that were shrunk down to fit them, and accessories that do not fully fit the occasion. Recently, however,Personalized Bobbleheads 87, newer fashions have been introduced for flower girls that both allow the bride to coordinate her flower girl with the wedding party and also allows the flower girl to wear an elegant but age appropriate dress.

Flower girl dresses are available in all sorts of fun styles, everything from summery dresses for the less formal weddings to what amount to miniature wedding dresses for the more formal weddings. The dresses are available in a range of colors,bobbleheads,Custom bobbleheads 26, though of course white is the most prevalent color available. Several of the designs have a white base with color accents, which is a fun way for a bride to either match her flower girl with her bridal party, or add a flair of her wedding colors to the ceremony. Even if the dress itself is pure white, a pop of color can be added with a ribbon around the waist or in the hair!

The dresses are also available in varying lengths; an important consideration during preparations. If your wedding is outside you probably would not want your flower girl in a floor length formal gown just to have it dragging along the ground. Similarly, if you have an extremely formal indoor wedding you would not want your flower girl to wear a knee length summer dress and sandals. Now that there is a wide variety of dress available it will be easier to match your flower girls dress both to the level of formality for your wedding and also the setting. Thanks to the wide variety of dresses not only can you match the length of the dress with the formality and location of the wedding, but also with the season in which your wedding occurs.

A wider range of accessories is also available for your flower girl. There are all sorts of veils and tiaras, along with gloves, shoes, and hair accessories. Giving your flower girl these accessories can both dress up their outfit and allow the young girls to have a truly fun experience dressing up for your big day. Each of the accessories are designed to complement the wedding party without making the young girls look as though they are wearing something designed for a brides maid.

One of the best things about the styles that are available for brides to choose from for their flower girls is that most of them have a wide variety of colors available, either for the dress itself or for the accent features of the dress. Because of the range of colors available for each style the bride will not have to compromise her ideal design in order to get a color that matches her weddings color scheme. The bride will be able to find a dress that matches or compliments her brides maids without having to worry about matching colors.

The dresses available, although designed to match or complement the outfits of the wedding party, are not simply miniature adult dresses. These dresses have been designed as fashionable, formal and classy dresses for young girls. They are both occasion appropriate and age appropriate. The shoes, tiaras and other accessories are also designed to be formal but not necessarily adult. The flower girls will not look like a miniature brides maid in these gorgeous gowns, they will look like beautiful young girls in amazing dresses.

Flower girl dresses of the past have often compromised either style or their complementary nature simply due to a lack of availability. Flower girls often looked either like young girls playing dress up in clothes that obviously were not designed for them, or they looked as though they were going to Easter service or their first communion. The dresses available today put this practice to rest, allowing the bride to pick fun and beautiful dresses that will look great on the girls and that the flower girls will, hopefully, have fun wearing. The vast range and availability of the dresses allows the brides to fit the flower girl dresses into the overall design of the wedding much easier,bobbleheads 58, and the colors available allow for the bride to bring a touch of color to her ceremony. The dresses available now allow for the flower girls to have a fun time dressing up and taking part in an adult ceremony without losing the fun and girliness of it all.


We love a good hair tutorial, and we know that you do, too! This low knot is an incredibly versatile hairstyle, easily dressed up with a slinky gown and casual enough for a Sunday brunch. This style works well with mid-length to long hair, wavy or straight. Keep reading for the full step-by-step tutorial so that you can recreate this look for yourself!
Low Knot:

  1. Spray a dry shampoo into the roots and mist the ends of the hair with a texturizing or surf spray. Flip the head over and massage fingers through hair to work product in evenly and to give lift at the roots. A little texture will give the hair more interest and also help hold the style in place.
  2. Gather all of the hair low on the neck in a ponytail and secure with an elastic.
  3. Loop the tail of the pony through the elastic halfway, leaving several inches of the tail outRough up the loop portion with your fingers by tugging on pieces of hair to make the knot fuller and more textured.
  4. Take part of the tail/loose hair and twist it around the loop to cover the hair elastic. Secure the end of the tail on the underside of the elastic/knot with a couple of bobby pins to finish the style.
  5. This style can be as lose and messy, or as neat as you like. Feel free to finish by loosening pieces around the face or spray final style in place to keep it neat.

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Organize A Cheapest Housing Together With Carriage To Spend A Engaging Canada Vacation

You will be pleased to know that that heart of the British Columbia,Custom bobbleheads, Yoho National Park, is home to amazing waterfalls, lakes that run deep forever, glacial rivers, spiral tunnels within the mountains and much more. Your vacation will be like heaven Earth since nature has certainly blessed Yoho National Park with the most breathtaking scenic views throughout the region. Tourist attractions include Monarch Campground that is within the walking distance of the Kicking Horse campground along with Hoodoo Creek Campground. Other programs include Takakkaw Falls Campground, Backcountry Camping, exploring Lake O Hara, spending time at Lake O Hara Campground and other fun things to do (you will not regret a single minute of it). You can enjoy boating, sailing, cycling, hiking, horseback riding and much more. Do not forget to bring your boots,Personalized Bobbleheads,bobbleheads 94, camping gear and first aid kit in order to be on the safe side of everything.

Canada Vacations Most Famous Restaurants Toronto

This little note will help you go through a list of top notch restaurants in Toronto, Canada since we do realize the significance of dining for your guests in this country and the way it affects the nature of your vacation. You know what you like to eat so make sure you read this list of Toronto restaurants that offer a great deal of variety to choose from!Scaramouche is one restaurant in Toronto that offers the most amazing deals on cuisines, desserts from the best of chefs in Canada along with perfect attention and service for you. Chez Victor, North 44, Truffles, Prime Steakhouse,bobbleheads,Personalized Bobbleheads 34, Marcels, Terra or Lily Resto Lounge are among other options for your tummy!Brant House, Provence Delices, Zee Grill, Midi Bistro, Bodega Catering, La Maquette, Rosewood Bistro, The Sultans Tent are among other restaurants that you could try!You will be asking for more of their delicious food!

If you are looking for some action in the night in the lovely city of Toronto, Canada, then we have a list of bars to go to for some fun and entertainment. Tip your hat and sway to the music or simply dine in while romancing your partner at the exclusive On The Curve Hot Stove and Wine Bar or just enjoy good food and wine at The Crush Wine Bar. A few other top bars include Century Room,Personalized Bobbleheads 26, Caf Jolly, Kokkino Lounge, Pravda Vodka Bar, Ciao Wine Bar, Globe Bistro, College Street Bar and Club Lucky in Toronto. This little note here helps in providing you with the details you need to know in order to find the best action and food in the best bars in Toronto. We hope you enjoy their grand food and wine and have fun while socializing but do not forget to stay sober because its better to remember than to regret.

The best way to discover Ottawa is through a walking tour that explores the variety of sites around the city and their significance. The Rideau Canal, a World Heritage Site, is another place to visit for the pleasures of boating in the summer or experiencing the worlds longest skating rink in the winter. If you are interested in understanding the politics of the country, guided tours through the majestic Parliament Hill buildings provide you with an excellent opportunity in the capital of the country. Another important place to visit is the National Gallery of Canada which exhibits excellent Canadian and European works of art. For families and recreation, the Dows Lake Pavilion is the place to visit to have a relaxing day/evening at the restaurants or the marina. And if novelty is your taste in exploring cities, visit the Royal Canadian Mint for a unique insight into how coins are manufactured.


Lately we’ve been getting tons of request for wash and go hairstyles and I’m not user why considering it’s winter in many parts of the country. But let’s DO it! Apparently a lot of you leave the house or the gym with wet hair so we’re going to do a hairstyle that you can let air dry that will look better and better throughout the day. If you’re going to wash and go, all you really need are two things– a good SPRAY LEAVE IN CONDITIONERand a great GEL SERUM (that one is my favorite but if you would like a less expensive alternative, Loreal makes this GEL SERUM). Gel serums are meant for air dryingor blowdrying into the hair. I discovered this stuff while working in the salon. I needed something for those who wanted to forego the blow-dry (i know, crazy right!?) so I started using it then. It’s pretty cool. It has the texture of a gel but doesn’t get “crunchy” because of the serum addition. It stays soft and adds light hold and good volume.

  1. Start by spraying in a light layer of your leave-in conditioner and combing out any tangles.  Next add a dime or quarter sized dollop of gel serum to the palm of your hands and emulsify it in your hands. Spread it throughout the hair evenly. I put this all the way from roots to ends and then brush through because I like to know that it’s distributed evenly throughout the hair.
  2. Now add two regular braids going from the sides to the back of your head. Cross them over each other in back and pin them together using large bobby pins. You always want to secure wet hair a little more because it tends to slip a little.
  3. Now twist small sections throughout the back. This will keep frizz to a minimum and will create separation in your waves. The gel serum will help minimize frizz as well. Scrunch the hair a little before walking out the door and let the rest of it air dry.

Remember, you’re not going to get curling iron waves, so don’t expect this to look like that. This is a wash and go hairstyle using your natural waves or curls. If you have straight hair, this will still work.
These wash and go styles are ideal for anyone with damage needing a break from blowdrying and curling, anyone rushing out the door with no time for styling or even you beach bunnies down in Australia enjoying the summer right now!
Do you find wash and wear hairstyles to be helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments below so we can gauge your interest and know whether to do more of these or not!


It’s always fun to see a new twist on an old idea, and this awesome DIY Knot Pony tutorial from Kylie Swanson and Samantha Landis is a great interpretation of a classic
1. Hair Elastic
2. Comb
3. Bobby Pins
Knotted Pony:
1. Air dry hair for natural texture.
2. Take a section from each side of the front hairline, pull back and knot, pin in place.
3. Add more hair from each side and continue to knot and pin.
4. Tease hair in between knots for added hold and texture.
5. Continue to knot until the ends are reached, then secure with an elastic.


Hey, guys! It’s Katie here. I’m a gal who has always loved fixing hair. When I was a kid, I could do any braid, twist, or knot that I laid eyes on. My dolls all had the best hair on the block, and when I got a little older, my friends would always beg me to do their hair. I probably missed my calling as a hairstylist, honestly. Even with my love of braiding, I have to admit I’ve always had trouble with the waterfall (or cascade) braid. With so many pieces in the back of my head, it just beats me every time. I had thrown in the towel and waved the white flag until I realized just because I couldn’t conquer the braid didn’t mean I couldn’t do the waterfall twist!
So, here we go! 

  1. Step One: Gather a section of hair and divide it into two pieces. Twist the bottom piece over the top piece.
  2. Step Two: After you have completed the twist, take a new section of hair from the top and lay it over the piece in your top hand (my left hand in the photo above).
  3. Step Three: Okay, so let’s go really slow here. Do you see that piece coming from the top that we just added? We are going to simply lay or drape it and leave it there. So now you will cross the bottom piece from your original twist OVER the new draped addition piece (as well as your top piece), and we’re going to repeat.
  4. Step Four: The goal of this hairstyle is to have pieces cascading down like, you guessed it, a waterfall. So let’s repeat what we just did. Take another new section of hair from the top of the head and drape it between your twist pieces. Now, cross the bottom piece over the draped piece (and the top piece) to twist again. 
  5. Step Five: We are repeating the same motion over and over until we reach the other side of the head. Continue your twisting and adding new pieces, keeping in mind that you will add another new section each time you twist.
  6. Step Six: Once you reach your desired stopping point, clip the hair in place or finish it off with a simple braid or twist.
  7. Step Seven: Gather another starting section, just as we did in the very first step, and do your first twist.
  8. Step Eight: Instead of gathering a new section of hair from the top for the waterfall pieces, we are going to use the original waterfall pieces. Take the first waterfall section and lay it between your new twist pieces. Twist over.
  9. Steps Nine & Ten: Continue around, using all the original waterfall pieces. Once you reach the other side, braid or twist the section from your first go-around and second go-around.
  • See how the original cascade pieces are used in the second twist? You can do this style as tight or loose as you want. I love the soft look of using big pieces and making it a little loose, but using small sections pulled tight creates a neat look as well!
  • Anyway, who would have guessed leaving out one section of hair would make an impossible (for me) hairstyle totally doable? Now that I have the hang of the waterfall twist, I think I’m going to have to give the waterfall braid another shot. It will definitely feel like a small victory once I can do that style on my own hair! 

4 Swoon-worthy Long Ombre Hair Ideas

4 Swoon-worthy Long Ombre Hair Ideas
Ombre hair has been around a while now and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. It is a hair coloring technique that starts out darker at the roots and gradually get lighter towards the ends. It is low maintenance hair, especially when you keep your base color close to your natural hair color. This color technique looks especially gorgeous on long hair. Check out these swoon-worthy long ombre hair ideas and get inspired for your next trip to the salon!
This high contrast ombre starts out dark brown at the roots and melts into a golden blonde in the ends.
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
Skin that is warm and medium with hair that is naturally medium in color and in texture is ideal for this hair color.
The ends of the hair are the oldest and most fragile part of the hairstrand. When lightening the ends, make sure to take this into consideration.
This ombre hair color starts out with cool dark brown roots and blends into a neutral blonde on the ends.
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
Cool medium skin tones with hair that is naturally dark brown and medium in texture is ideal for this hair color.
If you are planning to go ombre, try to stick with your natural color for the roots. This will keep you from having to go back to the salon for root touchups.
This ombre looks very natural. The roots are cool light brown and blend into a cool blonde.
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
Cool medium to light skin tones with hair that is naturally light brown and medium in texture is ideal for this hair color.
Ombre hair that doesn’t create too much of a contrast will give you a natural, more up-to-date look.
This high contrast long ombre hair starts out dark brown and blends into a warm, dark blonde color.
Best Skin Tone and Hair Type:
Warm medium skin tones with hair that is naturally dark brown and medium in texture is ideal for this hair color.
It’s important to perform weekly conditioning treatments on your hair to keep your lightened ends healthy.


Today we’ve created two printable step-by-step tutorials showing how to use Hold Hair Spray on both straight and curly hair types! Why? Because we know a lot of you have made up your minds that all hairsprays are stiff and all oils are greasy. Here’s the half up look we created with it on both curly and straight hair…
Step by step tutorials:
1. Start with clean dry hair.
2. Normally, as you know, we’re not huge fans of spraying the hair with a hairspray beforeusing a wand, but after using Monoi Repair Hairspray on multiple occasions, the hair still feels very soft and healthy when combined with a heat tool. So spritz each section lightly before twirling it around the wand.
3. Wrap sections in different directions to get a messier look or all in the same direction to get a more patterned look.
4. Using a small section of hair (about temple to temple) create a small bun on top of your head. Secure with a strong holding bobby pin and a light veil of Monoi Repair Hairspray.
5. It’s optional to tease the crown area. Here we felt the crown needed a little extra so we backcombed gently to get a little more volume.
6. Create the second bun. Leave a little hair out around the hairline (about 1″ because we’re going to use that later.
7. Create the third and final bun, leaving a little hair out around the hairline. (PS: You could keep going with this all the way down for a gorgeous undo but we stopped here because we’re very into half ups right now.)
8. Use the small sections of hair that you left out around the hairline to create a little separation between the buns. Take a piece and run it in between the bun and wrap it into the bun.
9. Secure it with a bobby pin. TIP: if your bobby pins tend to slip out, spray a little bit of the Monoi Repair Hairspray on your pin before inserting into the hair! It helps.
10. Check the back for balance. Lightly pull the buns apart to make them look messier if you love that look. Finish with a final veil of Monoi Repair Hairspray, of course!
Step by step tutorials:
1. Sometimes with curly hair, you’ll have a curl or two that have gone rogue. If desired, wrap any untamed pieces around a 5/8″ barrel iron to bring it all together.
2. Rarely would I use hairspray on curly hair but you can see the shine and health of the hair after applying a light layer of the Monoi Repair Hairspray in this photo.
3. Grab a section of hair from temple to temple and create a loose bun on top of your head. We’re going to create 3 of these.
4. On this next bun, grab from just above the ears on each side. Leave a little hair out in front near the hairline, too (about a 1″ section). Unlike the straight hair tutorial, you won’t need to backcomb and really shouldn’t with curly hair. You’ll likely have more than enough volume.
5. Bring those pieces together in back and wrap them into a bun. Secure with a strong bobby pin.
6. Create your third and final bun.
7. Take the pieces you left out in front, twist them back and use them to separate the look of the 3 buns. Weave the pieces in between the buns then wrap into the bun.
8. Decide if you want to make the buns more messy or leave them as is. If you want to make them messier, gently pull apart and lightly spray Monoi Repair Hairspray as you go.