How to Make a Hair Mask From Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

How to Make a Hair Mask From Your Thanksgiving Leftovers
It is that time of the year! The weather is cooler everyone is getting in the holiday spirit and your hair is feeling a little dehydrated. The fall is one of my favorite seasons because I can experiment with DIY hair masques that provide a ton of moisture. One of my favorite DIY hair masques includes two of your favorite thanksgiving foods: avocado and pumpkin.Pumpkin is packed with vitamin A and potassium, which is ideal for your hair and scalp. Avocado is known to moisturize your hair and it also promotes hair that feels soft and is more elastic. Avocados also have very high fat content that makes hair less dry and prone to breakage. Below you will find my pumpkin avocado hair masque recipe that’s perfect for extremely dry hair. And best of all, it’s really easy to make. Enjoy!
Here is what you will need:

  • small pumpkin
  • very ripe avocado
  • Tablespoon of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
  • Tablespoon of honey
  • water – to add to your mixture
  • Blender a fine mesh strainer
  • container to hold the mask


  1. Chop your avocado and pumpkin into small to medium pieces. It does not have to be perfect.
  2.  Add the avocado and pumpkin to the blender and blend until you get the consistency that you would like.
  3. Strain the mixture to ensure that you do not have pumpkin or avocado residue in your hair.
  4.  Add your EVOO and honey to the mixture, stir it up and apply the mixture to damp hair. 5. Allow mixture to sit on your hair for 15-20 minutes. Rinse and then condition your hair.
  5. Style.

That is it! Your hair should feel extremely hydrated after this treatment.You can buy a hair wige as well. Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

Merry, Merry: 6 Enchanting Holiday Hairstyle

Merry, Merry: 6 Enchanting Holiday Hairstyle
The holidays have officially arrived — are you ready for them? We know, we know, there’s a lot you have left to do. While we can’t help with that gift list or your travel plans, we can ensure that your hair looks fabulous at all those upcoming holiday events you’ve got in the books. Today we’re presenting everything from an understated chignon to a DIY project to old Hollywood glam. Get excited about some holiday hairstyles, ladies!
Ooh, child, we are in l-o-v-e love with this hairstyle from The Beauty Department.. It’s essentially a Dutch braid that starts at the top of your head, cascades down the side and to the back, and then melts into a voluminous chignon. You could also try a French braid instead of a Dutch (the Dutch is just an inverted French, FYI) for a slightly different look. We’re envisioning a gorgeous gown to pair with this hairdo.

Want to go the traditional chignon route versus the one above? You’re in luck! Divine Caroline breaks the chignon down into three easy peasy steps in this “Classic Low Chignon” tutorial. First, create a low ponytail and then divide the ponytail in half. From there, create a rope braid, then wrap hair around your finger at the base. Pin to your head and finish with a little shine spray and you’re good to go.

This one’s more of a DIY accessory versus a hairstyle, but we think it’s the perfect finishing touch to those lower key holiday shindigs you’ve got lined up this season. The tutorial comes to you from The Wonder Forest and all you need is a chunky headband, a hot glue gun, and some gemstones or jewels.

Yep — this ‘do is definitely a less traditional holiday hairstyle, but that’s exactly why we like it so much.Jane calls this one her “Spartacus Hair Tutorial — Lucretia” and it does require a little bit of a time investment on your part. That said, it’s definitely the type of hairstyle that’ll turn heads. We think it’d look pretty at Thanksgiving or at a festive or themed holiday event.

Chrissann from the Ducking says this half up ‘do is perfect for day two or three hair, plus it works with all sorts of hair textures. Not to mention, it’s really easy to recreate and makes a major impact. We think it’d look pretty with lots of curls, or you could dress it up with some glitzy accessories. Perhaps even a festive wreath crown. There are so many options.

Who can resist vintage curls? Especially around the holidays and especially when it’s paired with a glam eye and red lip! Sam teaches you how to get this gorgeous, modern-day version of “Old Hollywood Curls” in her brief video. You’ll need clips, a comb, heat protectent and a curling wand.
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5 Winter Hair Colors We Absolutely Love

5 Winter Hair Colors We Absolutely Love
This rich red is really deep and has a bit of a copper undertone to it that really pops when it catches the light. The burgundy tone is absolutely gorgeous!

Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:

This rich burgundy is great for medium skin tones. All hair types can achieve this hair color.
For a lower maintenance look, opt for a color that is at or around the same level as your natural hair color so that you won’t have as much of a noticeable line as your hair grows out.
These cute chestnut colored curls have a sweet surprise! The tips are lightened and then dipped in a deep berry color. What a fun and fresh way to sport an ombre hairstyles.
Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:
Medium to dark skin tones can wear this hue best. Virgin hair would work great to start. Sport your natural color (virgin hair) and just color the tips.
Consider trying out hair chalk to achieve the red tips instead of bleaching and dying for a safer, more temporary result.
This glamorous color could be considered a dark strawberry blonde. The explosion of copper is toned out with a little bit of a brown undertone. The brown keeps it nice and natural looking and not clownish.
Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:
Fair skin tones can rock this color best. Hair types that are on the lighter side naturally are easy to tone down to this color.
Always have your roots slightly deeper than the rest of your hair color for a more natural result. Hot roots are not cute!
This sweet strawberry blonde is a great idea for blondes this winter. Simply have your colorist deposit some rich copper tones to highlighted strands for a totally glamorous look. Coloring over your highlights will result in some breathtaking dimension!
Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:
Fair skin tones on pre-lightened hair work best for this winter hair color look.
Keep up with your look or let the copper gloss fade out on it’s own and start again when summer comes around.
Winter is a great time to go a shade or two darker with your hair color. Here a dark/medium level brown is taken down even more to a dark The ends are chocolate brown shade colored a deep dark burgundy and make the curls look like a cherry sundae. Yum!
Best Skin Tone & Hair Type:
Medium to dark skin tones with a level 5 hair or darker can easily pull off this hue.
It’s always a fun idea to add some pops of red at the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like a candy cane! This is a great example of a subtle, natural version.

The 3 Most Anticipated Teen Hairstyles For Winter

The 3 Most Anticipated Teen Hairstyles For Winter
The winter season offers lots of opportunity to experiment with new hairstyles. Here are some fun ways to show off your DIY hair skills at all those holiday parties. Keep in mind, cooler temperatures tend to cause more frizz and flyaways. Be sure to nourish hair by prepping with the right styling products designed for your texture and finish off with a bit of hairspray to set your look all day and night. Celebrate in style with these stunning teen hairstyles for winter!
How To Style

  1. Prep clean, dry hair with a light hold working hairspray.
  2. Brush hair with a paddle brush and slightly back comb top- rown area. Create a soft center parting in the fringe area. Curl hair with a large barrel curling iron as needed, for extra texture.
  3. Beginning in the crown area, take a large section and fold under gently and pin into place.
  4. Next, move to the lower back area near the nape and repeat the process. Keep your section soft and full for a deconstructed look.
  5. Take the fringe sections and allow them to fall softly into place with a gently sweep up to incorporate into the overall style. Pin into place with bobby pins.
  6. Finish with a light hold hairspray.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:This look is suitable for most face shapes. This style works best on medium to thick hair.
Add some sparkle with Kevin Murphy’s SHIMMER BUG!
air romance is in the air with this effortlessly messy, chic look.
Perfect curls are easy to master and accent any holiday style.
How To Style:

  1. Prep clean, dry hair with a light hold working hairspray.
  2. Create a diagonal side part. Brush hair smooth and curl large 2″ wide strands away the face by wrapping hair around a large barrel iron. Alternate curl direction as you work toward the back and continue until all hair is curled.
  3. Spray hair lightly with hairspray after each curl, leaving the shape undisturbed and allow curls to cool.
  4. Smooth hair along the right temple and secure with bobby pins.
  5. Set this look with a medium hold hairspray.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
This look is suitable for square, oval or heart shaped faces. This style works best on medium to thick hair.
For extra volume, backcomb the base and interior of hair, leaving the surface smooth.
Beautiful, rich golden waves are accented with a garland of fresh, delicate flowers in this super feminine look.

How To Style:

  1. Prep clean, dry hair with a light hold working hairspray.
  2.   Create a side part. Brush hair smooth and lightly curl by wrapping large 1′ to 2″ wide strands around a large barrel iron. Wrap from mid-lengths to ends only. Continue until all hair is lightly waved..
  3. Allow curls to cool then rake fingers through to slightly break up curls.
  4. Sweep hair off to one side near the temple and accent with a floral pin. Secure just above the ear.
  5. Set this look with a light hold hairspray.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
This look is suitable for square, oval or heart shaped faces. This style works best on thick hair.
Gather ends into a chignon for an upswept style.

6 Celebrity-Inspired Winter Hairstyles You Can Actually Recreate

6 Celebrity-Inspired Winter Hairstyles You Can Actually Recreate
Abigail rocks this take on big, sexy hair. A few simple steps and you’ll have this one mastered!

How To Style:

  • 1 Once your hair is dry, use a 1¼-inch curling iron to curl your hair.
  • 2 Using a backcombing brush, gently backcomb the crown section of your hair until the desired amount of volume is achieved.
  • 3 After you have left out the desired amount of pieces around your face, gently secure the top section of your hair back using bobby pins.
  • 4 Spray everything with a light hold finishing spray.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
This style is great for those with fine hair who want to add a little oomph to their look. However, it also works great for those with naturally thick hair…it’s a great way to pull some of your hair out of your face but still have plenty of volume and body. This style is great for any face shape!

Miss Lima certainly knows how to rock that middle part and make it look FAB-u- lous!

How To Style:

  • 1 On dry hair that is parted down the middle, use your 1¼-inch curling iron and curl each section.
  • 2 Once you have curled everything, run your fingers through your hair to give a more natural look.
  • 3 Spray everything with a light hold finishing spray.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
This style literally works for any face shape. It will soften harsh features, really highlight your eyes and frame your face. Any length hair will work well for this look, but if it’s long hair you desire, get some clip in extensions for added length.

Not only is she a fantastic singer, but Miss Keys has taken plenty of hairstyle risks. Most of which she looks stunning in, such as this one!

How To Style:

  1. Straighten your hair using a flat iron.
  2. Apply a small dab of gel to your fingertips and gently apply the gel around your hairline.
  3. Using a fine tooth comb, comb the gel into your hair, stopping about 2 or 3 inches back from your hairline.
  4. If more volume is desired, use a back combing brush at the crown of your head to create more height.
  5. Spray everything with a strong hold finishing spray.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
This style will elongate a small or round face. It will really highlight your features and draw attention to your eyes and eyebrows. Longer hair with not many short layers would be ideal for this style.
Recommended Products:

6 Celebrity-Inspired Winter Hairstyles You Can Actually Recreate

6 Celebrity-Inspired Winter Hairstyles You Can Actually Recreate

They’ve got it all. A fabulous wardrobe, exquisite makeup and absolutely stunning hair that’s styled so perfectly it leaves you wondering if that could actually be their real hair! Can any one person can truly be blessed with ALL that gorgeous hair!? (Ahem, a few hair extensions never hurt!) Celebrities have been wowing us since the beginning of time and really get our hair envy kicked into high gear. But fear not! Plenty of these styles are actually really simple to create and I’m about to break down 5 of them for you so you too can make others swoon over your winter hairstyles!

Quick, easy and perfectly undone looking. Sound like an oxymoron? Absolutely not!

How To Style:

  1. When your hair is dry, use a 1-inch curling iron or wand to curl small sections of your hair.
  2. Once all sections have been curled, run your fingers through your hair if you desire a more natural look.
  3. Spray everything with a light finishing spray.
  4. Recommended Products:
  5. I love Moroccan Oil Medium Hairspray to finish off this style. It’s light and won’t get too sticky or crunchy.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
This style will work best on those with long hair, as the curls may look too “Shirley Temple-ish” on someone with short hair. If you have a rounder face, this long look will slim down your face and make it appear narrower.
If you were lucky enough to be blessed with curly locks, don’t be afraid to get this style by playing up your natural texture! Add some Sculpting Foam by Paul Mitchell in your hair when it’s still damp, then use your diffuser to accentuate the curls.
Side ponytails, side chignons, side braids…you name is and if it’s to the side of one’s head, it’s all the rage this season!

How To Style:

  1.  Prep your hair with a working spray, or even work through a touch of a working pomade. Hair should be “gritty”, but not too sticky and still fairly easy to run your fingers through.
  2.  Begin by parting your hair to the desired side, then separate it into three sections. Section one is the smallest (about two inches wide) and will be the section right behind the ear of the side of the head which your hair will rest on. Section two will be the middle section, and will start after section one and end in the middle back of your head. Section three is the rest of your hair (all the hair from the opposite side of your head on which your hair will rest).
  3. Take section one, and using a medium-sized curling iron, curl the whole section so that the curl is going towards your face.
  4. Apply more working pomade to your hair and using a brush or your fingers, push your hair to where you want it to rest. Gather the hair that was curled and pin it up using bobby pins so that it looks a bit like a side bun.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 on Sections 2 and 3.
  6. Spray everything with a strong hold hairspray.                                                             Best Face Shape and Hair Type:                                                                                This style would work best for those with shorter hair that’s of a finer texture. It will be hard to create on long hair, because the hair that gets pinned up on the side will look bulky and unbalanced. Harsh facial features will be softened by this look.

Keep in mind that the lovely Taylor Swift most definitely has someone of the highest caliber doing her hair. That being said, don’t get frustrated if it takes a little practice to get a style like this just right. Be patient!
As I mentioned before, do any style, pull it to the side, and it’s a trendy masterpiece that’s sure to please!

How To Style:

  1. On dry hair, parted as you desire, use your 1¼inch curling iron and curl each section so the curls are going toward the side you ultimately want your hair to be on.
  2.  Pull all of your hair to one side and spray everything with a light finishing spray.


 Best Face Shape and Hair Type:

This style is awesome on medium, fine or thick hair! Any face shape would be complemented by this style. If you like the look in the pic, but dont quite have the length, no prob! Try some clip in extensions for instantly long locks.

Recommended Products:

Try Classic Spray by Bumble and Bumble to finish off your style.

Today we learn this 3 hairstyles ,tomorrow I will introduce the other 3 hairstyles.

What are the best steps to deep condition curly hair?

What are the best steps to deep condition curly hair?

1. Shampoo with a product containing negative surfactants or cleansers

  • . Rinse the shampoo from the hair and then apply the conditioner with positive surfactants. This is the best method for getting the most amount of conditioner to adsorb onto the hair, while allowing the maximum penetration of key ingredients into the hair. The reason you want to shampoo the hair first is that high carries slight negative charge which is enhanced with the use of shampoo with a negative charge.
  • Opposites attract so when hair with a negative charge encounters the positive charge of the deep conditioner there will be more adsorption onto the hair and better penetration of active ingredients. It’s important to rinse out the shampoo because if not, the negative charge of the shampoo could interfere with the ability of the conditioner to adhere to the surface of the hair

2. Apply enough conditioner on the hair to completely cover and saturate the hair.

Put a plastic cap over your hair and then apply heat for up to 30 minutes. The time the conditioner is left on the hair combined with the application of heat increases the penetration of some ingredients into the cortex. If you don’t have a heating cap you could theoretically use a hair dryer or blow dryer or, steam or boil some towels in hot water, carefully remove them from the water with gloves, remove excess water and wrap your head (covered in the plastic cap) with the towels for the required time. The point is that the warmer your hair is, the deeper the penetration into the hair and the more effective the conditioning treatment.

3. Rinse with cool water. Cool water helps to seal the cuticle.
After you have effectively deep conditioned your hair it should feel softer, moisturized, shiny and more manageable. If your conditioning treatment results in this then you’ve definitely found a product to keep. If it doesn’t then get rid of it, read the ingredient list and invest in a product that is really going to do something for your hair.

Beware of overconditioning!

  • Some women love to leave a deep conditioner on their hair for hours at a time for various reasons. While conditioning is good for the hair, too much of a good thing is not necessarily better.
  • Conditioning for hours at a time can result in softer hair and this likely occurs because of a change in the keratin forming a different configuration than normal. Hair that is softer will be weaker and more prone to breaking if manipulated.
  • This change is temporary and your hair will return to its stronger state but you’ll need to be careful how you handle it until it does.                                                                    

How to Properly Deep Condition Natural Hair

How to Properly Deep Condition Natural Hair
How do you know if your deep conditioner is good or not? Do you rely on price? Not necessarily as an expensive product doesn’t mean the product is good, nor does a cheap product mean it doesn’t work. So what should you look for? The answer to this question is to become ingredient savvy. Having an understanding of ingredients will help you determine, at least at first glance, if a deep conditioner is going to be effective for you or not.
Ingredients that attach onto to the hair
Remember we discussed the fact that conditioning agents ADSORB to the hair? ADSORBING means that the ingredients attach to the surface of the hair. This phenomenon is responsible for helping to soften the hair, temporarily repair the hair, smooth the cuticle and reduce flyaways. The main types of ingredients you’re looking for are cationic surfactants, cationic polymers, emollients, oils and silicones.

Surfactants are molecules that have water-loving and water-repelling segments.

  1. There are many uses for surfactants and they are mainly used for their cleansing ability. Surfactants can carry a positive charge, negative charge or no charge. However, when it comes to conditioning, cationic surfactants – or those with a positive charge – are extremely important. Since hair carries a relative negative charge, if you use a cationic or positively charged surfactant it will be attracted to the negatively charged section of the hair and bind to the surface of the hair.
  2. The surfactants will also form a film that smoothes the cuticle resulting in reducing static, tangling and improving softness. What are some main cationic surfactants? Behentrimonium methosulfate, behentrimonium chloride and cetrimonium chloride. Other ingredients that adsorb are conditioning polymers like the polyquaterniums and cationic guar gum. Lastly emollients such as cetyl and cetearyl alcohol, some oils and silicones also have the ability to attach to the hair and convey benefits            

Haircuts For Round Face Shapes

Haircuts For Round Face Shapes
As for the round faces, we can say that the main task of this kind of face shape is not only visually making the face longer and removing the side lines, but also accentuating the facial features. The latter is, of course, very suitable to be carried out with proper makeup. Asymmetrical approach is again recommended here, especially well put with the diagonal bangs, which visually elongate the face and perfect it. For any longer cut, straight hair should be the most frequent and essential alternative. What the owners of round face should not go for is the straight bangs and the central top updos.
Straight and Wavy Hair
Thus, if you have straight or wavy hair, most probably it will take the natural shape of your face and simply outline it instead of accentuate certain parts. So what we recommend to do in order to avoid this is going for layered haircuts, which will have the chance to create some texture plays. One great example of a perfect hairstyle is the side swept bangs or some shorter details that could put an accent on the cheekbone and go on with the accents with proper proportions later as the layers succeed one another. The most suitable length for this type is the range of long options, but still if you prefer the shorter hairstyles and simply can’t do without them, you can also create such variants of ‘dos as the bob with a short neckline, which will accentuate the front part, also serving for the elongation.
Curly Hair
Sometimes some ladies erroneously think that having a voluminous and thick texture only makes the face look rounder and that such hair is not suitable for such face shapes. Still, this is not actually true, and this kind of hair can, indeed, work for your favor, if you find the ways of properly accentuating them. The secret is going for exactly worked out layers. One more thing about the hair length is that it can be longer than the chin, thus enabling you to have naturally accentuated and beautiful look. In case of having excessively curly hair you can counterbalance that with triangular layers, which can be made with making straight cuts across the pieces of the crown followed with the cuts on the sides and back in declining angle so that the overall ‘do will not let the voluminous curls overwhelm the sides of the face. In addition, you can also go for the asymmetrical side part in order to make some contrast for the round face shape, pulling that off with angles and proper texture. One more thing that you need to consider in this case is using a pick comb for marking the part line clearly, thus also making sure that the hair is parted before going for deeper cuts.
Textured Hair
Finally, if textured hair is what you would like to have, opting for long, sweeping layers is the most ideal alternative for textured hair. In order to create some volume on the top and thus also counterbalance the weight of the longer length you can leave some short layers on the crown. For shorter alternatives you can create accents on the top sides of the crown, thus leaving some longer strands on the top shaping the round face not repeating the outline, but elongating it. As for the medium lengths, you can go for delicately laid layers at the sides of the face, putting the accents on the eyes and the lips, avoiding adding blunt finishes right at the chin, because this will bring back the rounded outline.

Know more hairstyles please read

How to Choose a Hairstyle According to the Face Shape

How to Choose a Hairstyle According to the Face Shape
Thus passing to the essentials about picking a hairstyle according to the face shape, we can note that there is a tendency to use the hairstyle for perfecting the face shape, having the ideal option as an example to follow and trying to the image maximum close to that perfect option. Nowadays it’s the oval face shape and everything else that is observed for anybody is attempted to bring closer to the looks of the oval face. One more important moment about picking haircut for a face shape is that sometimes the shape of a face is not easily distinguishable and some calculations are required. First of all you need to measure the vertical length of the borderline of your hair and the line of the chin. Further, the number should be multiplied by 3 and marked as number 1. The number 2 is the vertical from the tip of the nose to the chin line. Finally, the shapes of the face are estimated according to which:

  1.  The longer faces have 1 bigger than 2,
  2.  The oval and rectangular ones should have them equal,
  3.  If 2 is bigger than 1, then the face can be called of the round type.

Hairstyles For Oval Face Shapes
Starting with the most ideal and versatile face shape, we can note that there are very few ‘dos, in fact, that do not match this face shape. The length of the hair is also included in this diversity, ranging from the shortest to the longest alternatives. Neck is also important in case of the oval face and should be properly accentuated for the maximum effective looks. Going even deeper into the details, we can discuss the following options.
Straight or Wavy Hair
If straight or slightly wavy is the type of hair you have, you can boldly go for layers, opting for the most diverse and creative options and placing the layers on everywhere you like. Still, if you are not sure about the concrete part to accentuate then you can confidently accentuate the eyes. This is the most universal and great thing that can be done with the help of bangs with a hairstyle created with collarbone length hair or a bit below it creating the true picture perfect looks. On the other hand, if you like to accent your cheekbones, you can opt for curious and sassy side swept bangs, which may create some very impressive and cool looks.
Curly Hair
There’s nothing sassier than the perfectly created combination of the choppy layers with messily arranged curls and a diversity of possible hairstyles. For instance, you can create combinations with a bob cut close on the shoulder length, thus also making the styling of the hair easily adjustable with minimal efforts. What you need to remember is that you need to have a perfectly matching cut and texture. Otherwise it will work against you. In addition, you can also opt for longer variants with either voluminous curls or delicately wavy locks. Finally one more nuance that you need to remember is that when choosing a curly ‘do, you are going to visually shorten your hair significantly, so be cautious when deciding the length you’re going to have considering this fact, too.
Highly Textured Hair Finally, if you have textured hair and you still want to have the most suitable and cool haircuts for your oval face, we would first of all suggest that the cut should be even, or that at least there isn’t any piece that catches the attention right away distorting the harmonious proportions of each part. What you can actually make use of unfailingly is using the natural texture of the curls to create the voluminous shape around the face. Cuts like bobs will also work super well in this respect. The same can be said about the super short cuts, which will look really cool with the layered plus curly formula.Tomorrow I will introduce more messages.Know more hairstyles please check