The 5th Hairstyle–Big Messy Waves With a Bow!

The 5th Hairstyle–Big Messy Waves With a Bow!
Happy Holidays ! This is Reagan and I am here to share one heck of a holiday hair tutorial with you.
My favorite way to wear my hair is big, messy and wavy. I have taken on the challenge of trying to find an occasion where big/messy/wavy hair is not appropriate, and so far there is no such occasion. It can be dressed up or dressed down as much as you like. In the case of holiday party hair, I just added a shiny top, deep red lips and a massive glittery bow!
Let’s get started, shall we?

  • 1. Start with hair (ha ha, naturally!). But seriously, start with slightly dirty hair. The combination of dirt and dry shampoo gives you fabulously full roots.
  • 2. Using a one inch curling iron, wrap your hair (taking sections of every size) around the barrel.
  • 3. I like to leave the ends out for a more wavy/less ringlet-y effect. The more inconsistent the curls, the more wild and boho the look.
  • 4. After you’ve curled your entire head, flip your head over and shake like crazy. Don’t be shy, really get in there. Flip your head back up to reveal massive (amazing) hair.
  • 5. For the bow, find a nice festive ribbon at any craft store. In my humble opinion, it must have glitter.
  • 6. Tie the ribbon into a bow and trim off the ends to a point. Slide the top prong of a bobby pin into the knot (the part of the bow that wont show).
  • 7. Put the bow in your hair as desired. I like a really heavy parting when I’m wearing a bow.

Go to that holiday party with your big massive hair and “accidentally” walk under the mistletoe like a dozen times. Unless it’s a family party. Or a work party. Or a church party. In that case just hang out by the punch bowl.

Learn How to Create This Classic Braided Beehive Hairstyle

Learn How to Create This Classic Braided Beehive Hairstyle

  • Hello and happy holiday hair season! This unique stunner of a hairstyle blends a classic vintage beehive with uber-modern intricate braids. It is suprisingly easy to do and incredibly fun to wear! This ‘do is sure to turn heads at any holiday party and wow your colleagues at the office.
  • Prep your tresses by spraying hair with a texture spray. This will add some structure and grip to the hair. For best results with this hairstyle, you will need a hair rat or some type of form to reinforce the beehive. I used a knit scrunchy. Learn how to make your own hair rat here. The important thing is that you can easily hide the piece and pin into it.

Here’s how to get the look…

  • 1. Start by sectioning off a rough circular section of hair at the crown of the head. Gently back comb underneath the section.
  • 2. Now hold the section of hair straight up and wrap the ends of it around your hair rat.
  • 3. Roll it down to the head.
  • 4. Gently smooth your bump and pin it into shape.
  • 5. Next, section off the temple area on both sides of the head.
  • 6. Make a loose braid all the way to the ends and secure with clear elastics.
  • 7. Now wrap your braids around the front of your beehive and pin them discreetly.
  • 8. Part the rest of the hair down the center of the back and braid one side to the ends and secure with another elastic. Wrap this braid in with the first two braids and pin it discreetly, tucking in the tail.
  • 9. Repeat with the other side.

BEAUTY TIP: A classic red lip would be the icing on the cake to this chic look.

The Third Holiday Hairstyle–The Best Bouffant Ever: Retro Style!

The Third Holiday Hairstyle–The Best Bouffant Ever: Retro Style!
Hello! My name is Steph and I am excited to be back at Latest-Hairstyles to share this gorgeous hair tutorial. Just in time for the holiday season, too!
This bouffant-inspired updo is modern and chic with just the right amount of vintage flair. The style is touchable yet ‘put together’ and is much easier to achieve than you might think.

Here’s how to get the look

  • 1. Begin by clipping the top half of your hair aside for later.
  • 2. Once the top half is clipped up, put the bottom half in a low ponytail at your nape.
  • 3. and
  • 4. Create a small hole at the base of your ponytail and push the ponytail down through it, creating an inside out ponytail.
  • 5. Backcomb the ponytail.
  • 6. Once the ponytail is backcombed, use your fingers to roll the ends of the hair upwards, creating a chignon.
  • 7. Secure with bobby pins.
  • 8. Let down the top half of your hair and create a deep side part.
  • 9. Backcomb the top half of your hair for added volume.
  • 10. Pull all of the hair from the top half loosely back and twist it one time, pushing it upwards and towards your scalp to create more volume. Secure it with bobby pins so it rests right on top of the chignon.
  • 11. Continue to loosely twist the hair through to the ends, wrapping the ends around the side of the chignon and securing them with bobby pins underneath.
  • 12. Gently loosen some small hairs around your face to soften the front.

The Second Holiday Hairstyles–The Big Braided Bun Tutorial

The Second Holiday Hairstyles–The Big Braided Bun Tutorial

This party season, it’s all about the three B’s. Big Braided Buns. This hairstyle can be messed up for a relaxed daytime look or dressed up for a formal evening event. I love an upstyle for parties as you know it’s going to last all night.

  • Start by making a deep side part and brush your hair to remove any knots…

  1.  Take a one inch section on top of your part and split into three. This is the start of the Dutch braid (or inside out braid).
  2.  Cross the right piece under the middle, then the left piece under the right, forming a braid. When you cross the middle section under, add in some hair.
  3.  Continue braiding and only add in hair on the right side. So when you cross under from the left side you don’t add in any hair. Angle your braid along your hairline and over the top of your ear. Stop adding in hair when you pass your ear. Finish the braid and secure with a small clear elastic.
  4.  Stretch out your braid! To get this big dramatic braid, you need to gently pull at the sides of your braid to widen it.
  5. Gather the rest of your hair into a side ponytail, next to your braid.
  6.  Use a hair donut to create a large side bun.
  7.  I teased my ponytail to make it bigger before wrapping it around the padding and pinning underneath.
  8. Then wrap your braid around the base of your bun and pin in place. Add a spritz of hairspray and you’re ready to go!

Note: If you have bangs you can leave them out or incorporate them into the braid. If you leave them out then change your mind, you can easily pin them back underneath your braid.

Holiday Hairstyles: The First One —— A Vintage Inspired Updo

Holiday Hairstyles:
The First One —— A Vintage Inspired Updo

Hello again! The long holiday is coming, so I will introduce 6 holiday hairstyles which is easy and beautiful to you. Today is the first one.
It’s Jenny back with not one, but TWO stunning ways to wear your hair with a chic headband. Just in time for holiday party season, these two looks are sure to turn some heads. Both looks are ideal for mid-length hair and you should start with dry hair that is clean or dirty.

How to:

  • 1. Begin by sectioning your hair into 1-2 inch sections, starting from the nape of your neck. Spray a medium hold hairspray and curl each section with a 1-inch curling iron, working up your head. Its important to curl your hair all in the same direction. It doesn’t matter which direction, just all the same direction is key.
  • 2. Grab your headband or head wrap of choice and gently place in your hair. The key is to stretch it over your head with your hands and get it into your desired place before releasing your hands.
  • 3. Take a comb and back comb the ends of your hair for slight texture.
  • 4. Gently pull back your hair with both hands into a very low ponytail.
  • 5. Secure your low ponytail (a few inches above your ends) with an elastic band.
  • 6. Take your hair where you secured with the elastic and roll it in, going upwards towards your headband.
  • 7. Tuck your roll underneath the headband, fan out your hair and secure with bobby pins.
  • 8. Finish this fab look off with a medium hold hair spray.

Learn To Recreate the Hottest Ponytail Spotted at NYFW

Learn To Recreate the Hottest Ponytail Spotted at NYFW

  • Like so many out there, I do enjoy watching fashion week coverage for the clothing. But you know what I really, really, really love even more? All the inspired hair, makeup and nails that accompany all those clothes. There’s something about the way a face full of makeup and a head full of hair can transform a woman. Plus, while I may not be able to afford some of the clothes sailing down the catwalk (OK, I can’t afford any of them), what I can do is recreate some of the makeup and hair without sacrificing my budget.
  • Sometimes I’ll try to get as literal as possible, while other times I’ll simply use the pictures as a starting point for something more applicable in everyday life. For today’s hair tutorial, I’m doing the latter.

Step 1: Brush out your hair and gather it into a low ponytail with a clear elastic. Reserve one tiny piece of hair outside of the ponytail. It’s important that your hair is really straight in order to create the juxtaposition between smoothness and all that texture.
Step 2: Braid that tiny section of hair.
Step 3: Wrap the braid around the elastic and secure. You can tuck it into the elastic or use bobby pins.
Step 4: Lightly coat your hair with a medium hold hairspray. This is important for holding curl and creating texture once we get to the teasing portion of this tutorial.
Step 5: Use a curling wand to curl 1-inch sections of your hair. The smaller the wand, the tighter the curl.
Step 6: Continue curling until all sections are curled. I honestly think this alone is a pretty look and you still have that abrupt change from straight to textured. Still, I decided to take this hairstyle one step further.
Step 7: Tease it out. You can tease as little or as much as you like. I used a rat tail comb, picked up one curled section of hair at a time and gently backcombed.
Step 8: Revel in a job well done!

The Star Bun Combo | 4th of July Hairstyles

The Star Bun Combo |  July Hairstyles
It’s time for another July or National Holiday tutorial. We tested out this Star Bun Combo last year, and it is super easy to create. Our family loves patriotic holidays, and we go all out every year… with color coordinated clothing, cute hair, face paint or stickers, flags, etc!
Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, 3 ponytail holders, 3-4 small bobby pins, 2 hair ribbons, spray-in glitter, hairspray {if desired}.
Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes
Skill Level: Medium
Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by parting the hair near the beginning of one eyebrow…
  2.  Then, about 1 inch back, part out a triangular shape to form the first point of your star…
  3.  Now part straight out on either side of the triangle, and then back in, to form the second and third points of the star…
  4. Then finish the star by parting the bottom two points…
  5. To form your bun, wet and slick all the hair inside the star into a ponytail and secure it with a ponytail holder…
  6. Then a little teasing to the ponytail and twist it into a bun {you want a flat bun, not a tall bun}, and then secure the bun into place with a few small bobby pins…
  7.  At the bottom of the star, continue to evenly part down the middle of the head to the nape of the neck…
  8. Secure each side into low ponytails, and add some curls or complimenting ribbon for added accents…
  9. Optional: Use spray glitter to accent the star…
  10. When you are all finished, add hairspray to help hold the style.

3 Bride Hairstyles Worth Wearing On Your Big Day

3 Bride Hairstyles Worth Wearing On Your Big Day
Planning your wedding is such a special time that’s filled with excitement and lots of decisions! You’ve found the perfect dress, venue, groom…and now it’s time to find the perfect hair. There are so many styles to choose from, but keep in mind the weather around your chosen date, your dress neckline, and most importantly, what you are comfortable with! Check out these stunning bride hairstyles and get inspired for your special day.
Sleek and simple, a side bun is a classic style that is easy to achieve and looks beautiful on everyone.
How To:
1. Apply a smoothing cream to damp hair and comb through to ensure it covers all of your hair.
2. Blow dry hair straight using a round or flat brush.
3. Create a part in the front of your hair. It can be straight, angled, or slightly imperfect — it all depends on your style.
4. Smooth hair back to chosen side. Secure with an elastic that is clear or matches your hair color.
5. Wrap hair around pony and into a bun shape. Tuck ends under and secure with bobby pins
6. Add flowers, a veil, or any other beautiful adornments you have for your special day!
Beautiful height creates an elegance and ageless look for your bridal hair!

How To:
1. Before blow drying your hair, use a medium hold volumizing mousse.
2. Blow dry hair using a medium to small-sized round brush.
3. Depending on what you are doing in the back (bun, braid, curls, etc.) plug in your curling iron and separate hair into three sections.
4. If you are going with curls or a textured bun, curl hair in 1½-inch sections, alternating directions. Let the hair cool completely before manipulating.
5. To achieve the dramatic height on top, create a section from the corners of your eyebrows around the back top of your head.
6. Next, divide that section, taking the underneath and separating it from the front top section.
7. Take the underneath section and give it a soft backcombing. Starting at the ends, create a roll. Roll this hair down to your scalp. The size of the roll will depend on how high you want to go!
8. Smooth the top section over the roll and secure in back with bobby pins. Incorporate the ends into a loose curled bun, braid, or cluster of curls.
9. Mist with your favorite hairspray and add all of your beautiful adornments!
This simple, carefree side bun is easy to achieve, but no one needs to know that!
How To:
1. On dry hair, apply a texturizing spray. You can blow dry it in if needed.
2. Create a part, straight or imperfect.
3. Bring hair to desired side and secure with an elastic band.
4. Braid hair in a three-strand braid through the ends.
5. Holding the ends, gently loosen the braid by pulling small pieces and spreading them out.
6. Wrap braid into bun shape and tuck in ends. Secure in various spots with bobby pins.
7. It’s just that easy to have a beautiful, perfectly imperfect braided bun!

Wedding Worthy: 6 Summer Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Worthy: 6 Summer Wedding Hairstyles
It’s summer, which means one thing: wedding season (aka a need for plenty of summer wedding hairstyles). We wouldn’t be surprised to hear if you were invited to at least one wedding this season — even a couple.
Most weddings call for hair that’s a little more finessed; hair that’s as beautiful as it is effortless. While a few extra minutes spent perfecting your coiffure is expected for formal events, we’re firm believers in not slaving away in front of a mirror over each and every single strand. Fortunately, plenty of hair bloggers share a similar philosophy and have taken the time to teach you some gorgeous, effortless summer wedding hairstyles!
Oh, heavens! Here’s a stunning that’s positively breathtaking. We’re crushing on that makeup, too. You’ll find the full tutorial on the website, and we promise it’s easier to recreate than it first appears. You’ll need a lot of hair for this hairstyle, though, so we recommend this particular look for those of you with long locks. Of course, you can always add extensions.
Our friend says that she’s been getting a ton of requests for “a bridal look with curls and a retro vibe” and she’s definitely delivered. This stunning summer wedding hairstyle is the perfect blend of retro-meets-modern and we think you’ll like it, too. Getting those picture-perfect curls does require some patience and a good chunk of time, but we promise your efforts are worth it. Get all the deets on the blog.
We’re digging this crown braid chignon hairstyle from the in a major way. It’s truly effortless and downright romantic, making it a lovely look for both the bride or her guests. You’ll find lots of pictures and detailed text explaining how to recreate the look on the blog, so head that way for everything you need to know.
Here’s another take on the chignon which is just as romantic as the last look. Even though they’re both chignons, they’re created in two completely different ways, though, giving them each their own distinct feel. This look plays up the curl aspect and then gently drapes hair into a low chignon that rests against the neck. Give it a go!

How to Create a Woven Updo in Three Minutes Flat

How to Create a Woven Updo in Three Minutes Flat

  • Sometimes you have but a few minutes to spare, and an event calls for an updo with a bit of class and sophistication. That’s when you whip out this bad boy: the three minute woven updo. As the name implies, this hairstyle takes all of three minutes to recreate. Not to mention, the finished look makes it seem as if you spent hours slaving away in front of your mirror. We’ll leave it up to you on whether or not you want to reveal just how simple it was to do when the oohs and ahhs start rolling in.
  • For this look, all you need are some bobby pins and a bit of hairspray. You can also apply a nourishing serum to your hair before starting in order to create glossier locks. Oh, and for your convenience, we’ve included a text tutorial, video tutorial and a photo tutorial. Whew!


  • Step 1: Gather Front Section of Hair

Take a small section of hair from the front of your head. Gently twist and then push section up a little bit to create some lift at the top of your head. Secure with two criss-crossed bobby pins.

  • Step 2: Twist a Small Section

Take the section of hair that begins just above the ear and ends where your front section stopped. Gently twist it and drape across the back of your head, then secure.

  • Step 3: Repeat On The Other Side

Do the same thing again on the opposite side of your head. To conceal your bobby pins, drape this second twisted section over the last bobby pin. When securing this section, make sure the bobby pin you use is tucked under the other twisted section of hair.

  • Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 and 3

Follow steps two and three again, this time using sections of hair from behind the ear. Secure with bobby pins.

  • Step 5: Create a Bun

Gather the leftover section of hair. Start twisting it and then wrap it into itself to create a simple twisted bun. Secure with bobby pins. If you have layered hair like me, you may have pieces sticking out. Tuck them in and then spray lightly with hairspray. You can also apply a light coat of hairspray over the entire look to keep everything in place.